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Best Small Bissell Carpet Shampooer2For good carpet shampooers in the market, you often must account for the flexibility of their utilities.

The best small Bissell carpet shampooers here

There are big price distinctions between several products that often bring customer satisfaction when their price point matches the scale of your clean-up. All of these devices are heavily measured against consistent customer scrutiny and feedback, but their functionality depends on your subjective demands. All products happen to be BISSELL products, because they are most sought after by customers and their product range is extremely versatile.

Best Small Carpet Shampooer Under $50

BISSELL Spotlifter 1716BThe BISSELL Spotlifter 1716B offers itself at a modest price. It helps to handle stains by simultaneously sucking and brushing while being a handheld cleaner. Offering its portability and versatility it handles small spots and spills on the carpet well.

When being reviewed by customers, many were surprised how well this device was able to handle their small jobs. Some were able to clean their entire smaller carpets and remove a lot of organic build up that faded into the fabrics. When removing small spots and stains from spills and animals, the device was convenient to use because of its size and power. However, customers with bad experiences ended up having stains that were too difficult for this cheaper and smaller model to handle. They also felt like the suction was inferior, and had to work a little harder to accommodate for the lack of suction. Customers found that device longevity was actually quite good however, avoiding a pitfall that cheaper purchases occasionally inherit.

Best Portable Small Carpet Shampooer

Bissell Spot Lifter Two Times Portable Deep Carpet CleanerBISSELL has another offering here for a handheld device that offers a little more utility for a little more of an expense. At a slightly higher price you can get the cordless BISSELL Spotlifter 1719. This device can be charged and taken out whenever it’s needed for maximum convenience. It offers a similar scale of power to the 1716B, and excels at accommodating for sudden carpet accidents that need to be dealt with swiftly using suction and brushes.

Customers that liked the device championed its efficiency. When regularly maintained it prevents additional carpet damage with how quickly it can be used to begin cleaning spills. Most complaints were not about its lack of power however, but rather its short run time. The device must be charged for 12 hours to be able to be used for 15 consecutive minutes. Those who enjoyed the device never found this to be an issue, but when customers needed the device to be used for longer projects they found themselves disappointed. Customers also noted the difficulty to clean the device. This cleaner is definitely the best in portability however, and should be considered if quick and easy jobs are what you expect to handle for the price.

Best Small Carpet Shampooer Under $100

Bissell Spot Clean Portable Carpet CleanerYou can get the BISSEL SpotClean 5207A for just under $100. This product has multiple tools and design choices to be more efficient, offering a deep cleaning tool to allow a more thorough clean on your carpet. Despite not being a handheld device, it is still small enough to be convenient and portable to move and store wherever it’s needed.

When looking at customer feedback many were pleased with suction quality and the deep cleanse that the tools provided on the carpet. It didn’t leave water behind and for some dramatically improved the look of their carpets. When looking at the scrutiny, people found the device needed to be maintained fairly often. The quality of the product would decrease if the device tank wasn’t properly cleaned after most uses, and for some looking to do jobs on their very big carpets, they found that the device had to be stopped to clear the tank in order to continue.

Best Small Carpet Shampooer For The Price

Bissell Spot Clean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner 3624The BISSELL SpotClean 3624,  stands up with the highest ratings against a large metric of customer feedback. It has a flexible hose and multiple tools, with a long power cord to make cleanup easier. As a smaller device it’s still portable and offers the most satisfactory clean. This product is designed for bigger jobs with a larger tank and a stronger design.

Customers were impressed with the capacity of this device. They commented most on the ease of use, the ease to clean, and the quality of the job. The suction was found to be consistently adequate and there are no complaints about the device not being able to take away carpet stains. Negative feedback does exist though, and focuses on some devices that occasionally leak during use, though this is likely due to a lack of maintenance. Some customers also expected the suction to be strong enough to leave the carpet less wet after the clean, but still remarked that for the size and ease of use it facilitated their full carpet cleanups.

Small Devices For Small and Big Cleanups

Best Small Bissell Carpet Shampooer3BISSEL’s versatile offerings cover a wide spectrum of circumstances that allow you to make the value choice your cleanup job necessitates. There are the handheld devices (one that requires a cord with a cordless follow-up) at a smaller expense for quick cleanup jobs.

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Their size allows for maximum flexibility when sudden accidents occur. Then there are the bigger machines that maintain ease of use and have enough portability to be convenient and efficient while giving a more satisfactory clean.