Vacuum Cleaners

Vaccum cleaners are one of the most important elements for house cleaning. From carpet cleaning to removing dust many actions of cleaning are performed by vacuum cleaners.
In the “Best Vacuum Cleaners” section is a page with a lot of information where you wil find:
The best for most people
The Ultimate Buying Guide
What is a vacuum cleaner ?
How to choose the best vacuum?
How big is your home?
What type of floor do you have?
What type of furniture do you have?
What About Storage ?
How often do you usually vacuum?
What accessories do you need?
How much are you ready to pay?
A Quick Note About Cheap Vaccums
Good Vacuum Cleaners are Affordable
How does a vacuum cleaner work?
A Quick Note About Filters
Filters are important
The different types of filters
Made for Large Surfaces
They Pack a Long Cord
More Powerfull
Easy to maneuver
Small surfaces
Hard to reach places
A complete autonomy
An expensive technology
Bagged VS Bagless Vacuums
Bagged Vacuums Cost More
Branded Bags Cost a Lot
Bagged Vacuum Cleaners Retain More Dust
Baggless Vacuums have a smaller capacity
Corded VS Cordless Vacuums
Cordless Vacuums Save Time
Battery Life Matters
Quick Note About Maneuverability
When to use a vacuum cleaner?
Pet owners
Pet Hair are Hard to Remove
Vacuum Bags
A quick note about odors
Hardwood floors and Hard Floors
You need power
Use an Adapted Head
Choose one with proper wheels
Stairs Vacuums
Lightweight and Handheld
The Cord Length and the Head Make a Difference
Carpet Vacuums
Strong Suction Power
Rotating brushes are the way to go
Upright Vacuums VS Canister Vacuums
Canisters Pack More Power and Capacity
Upright are Easier to Handle and Store
Robotic VS Manual Vacuums
Robotic Vacuum are Made for Small Surfaces
Wrapping it up

In the “Cheap Vacuums” section you will find some tips about buying cheap devices.
In the “Vacuums for Hardwood” section you will find the advantages of choosing a vacuum cleaner dedicated to Hardwood floors.
In both sections you will find products from those different brands:
Hoover, Bissell, Shark
In the second section you will find also products from Dyson