Best Shark Vacuum

When it comes to vacuum cleaners there are a few names that are definitely synonymous with quality and Shark is one at the top of the list. Though the company made its name first in steam cleaners and mops, it’s definitely a force to be reckoned with in this space as well. That’s because the vacuums that they have produced have provided excellent features as well as longevity and that’s definitely what’s most important to people when buying a vacuum.

If you’re looking for something that’s going to give you a good quality clean and also make sure that you’re not spending too much on extra features that you don’t need then you will definitely want to check out Shark vacuums. You’re also going to want to look at the really need extra features that come with several of these vacuums which are definitely going to let you know why Shark is such a household name in many areas. Definitely don’t underestimate the abilities of these vacuum cleaners, they will probably surprise you.

Best Shark vacuums

Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner


  • Powerful, Lightweight
  • Portable, versatile
  • Priced around $200


  • Lightweight, Ultra Quiet
  • Great for pets, HEPA
  • Priced around $220


  • Perfect for Carpet + Hard Floor
  • Great against allergies
  • Priced around $250


  • Deep Clean, Convertible
  • Great for Pets
  • Priced around $130


  • Great against allergies
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Priced around $130

Best Shark Vacuum Reviews

We’ve tried to find the five best of the best when it comes to Shark vacuums to make sure that you can choose between ones that are going to make your life a whole lot easier and they’re going to do it without costing you a lot of money either. Check out your options and see which one is going to work the best for you and your family and make sure you pick the best Shark vacuum.

Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional - The Deep Cleaner

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional is priced around $200 and that’s for a device that’s intended to clean just about anything. The vacuum itself is entirely bagless so you don’t have to worry about replacing bags constantly. It also has a large canister that’s designed to hold more dirt and debris as you clean. Plus it seals all that debris in with HEPA and anti-allergen technology. The Navigator Lift-Away works also great on hard surface floors, which can use the included dust-away attachment and microfiber pads to get even more off the floor.

It uses swivel steering to allow the cleaner to move a lot faster and easier, so it’s more responsive to what you want it to do. Not to mention its Never Loses Suction Technology allows it to continue picking up anything you run over, continuously. It has a standard brush roll with an upgrade option for a premium brush roll so you can get even deeper cleaning, but you’ll find the standard is definitely plenty. Also, since it’s relatively lightweight and features a 30 foot power cord you can get it anywhere you need, without worry about carrying or having to unplug.

This relatively standard style vacuum has plenty of technology and plenty of strength when it comes to getting any kind of debris off the floors. That means anything from dirt on the carpets to dust on hard surfaces will come up easily.

The dust-away attachment for hard surfaces is definitely a great addition for this vacuum because it’s always more difficult to get anything off a hard surface than the carpet, especially with a vacuum cleaner. Plus the Navigator Lift Away has swivel technology that helps get into smaller spaces or make tighter corners which is really good because usually the large canister like this one has, would affect that and make it harder to move around. This one gets in anywhere and if the full vacuum won’t, it has a crevice tool that definitely will.


Shark Rotator Pro Upright Lift-Away Vacuum - The Extra-Versatile

The Shark Rotator Pro Lift-Away is anti-allergen and HEPA sealed to prevent allergens but it also features advanced rotator technology to make it easier to maneuver throughout your house. This is done with an advanced style connector to make sure that you can easily rotate from one direction to the next and you’ll be able to easily get into corners with the small frame. Not only that, but it’s designed to be extremely quiet while operating so you can use it any time of day or night.

Along with the regular features, you also get some great pet features and additional accessories that make the Rotator Pro a great option for those who have pets or small children. The Wide Upholstery Tool really gets a lot of your pet stains and hair out of your furniture and off of your floors but it does so with that allergy containment to make sure you don’t leave anything behind. You can use it on any surfaces and there’s even LED headlights to make sure you’re not missing anything in dark spaces.

Who wouldn’t love this vacuum cleaner at right around $200 and with all the great features of a more expensive model? You really can’t go wrong with the Shark Rotator Pro.

If you have pets or if you have allergies (or both) this cleaner can help take care of the problem right away. The Shark Rotator Pro pulls in all the dirt you expect from a vacuum but also pulls in a lot of dust and allergens and once they get inside the canister they’re trapped because of the filter. Plus you can use the extra tools to get up pet hair or get out pet stains (since they tend to make a pretty big mess). Definitely a really great vacuum.


Shark Rotator Powered Professional - The Best Value

This slightly larger framed vacuum is still small enough that you’ll have no problem carrying it around the entire house and it’s light enough to make that possible as well. What’s really important however, are the advanced features that come standard with the Shark Rotator Professional vacuum priced right around $250. The fact that you can get all those great features at such a great price is going to be a great feat as well.

Like most Shark vacuums this one has the anti-allergen and HEPA technology as well as the Never Loses Suction Technology. It’s also extremely quiet to use so you can use it anytime you want. What’s great about this one is that it’s a true professional grade cleaner for a low price that anyone can afford. It includes LED headlights so you can clean darker areas and has strong suction control directly on the hose, which can reach up to 12 feet. Able to clean any surfaces, this cleaner also includes a crevice tool, dusting brush and a wide upholstery tool, so your house will be ready for anything.

You’re going to want to try the Shark Rotator Professional out for yourself because it has the ability to get absolutely anything out of your floors, quickly and without a lot of effort on your part either. What could be better than that?

The Shark Rotator Professional actually has the ability to turn the roller brush on and off easily, just with a simple press of a button, and just like that you can get anything off your hard floors or off your carpeted floors. The really cool thing is that the brush actually gets in so deep and so strong that it can pull the entire cleaner forward (not entirely of course but enough that you can feel the pull) and you don’t need to put as much effort into the cleaning process, always a plus.


Shark Rocket DuoClean Ultra-Light - The Lightweight Option

If you’re looking for a cleaner that’s going to be small, lightweight and maneuverable but isn’t going to sacrifice on the quality? Well then the Shark Rocket DuoClean Ultra-Light is the one you’re going to want to look at. It’s designed like a stick vacuum with a very flat base to get under any of your furniture and LED headlights like the other Shark vacuums to make sure you can see once you get under there.

It’s also designed to put all the weight at the top, where you’re holding on, so it’s easier to turn quickly to get tight around those corners. Plus, because of the weight, it’s easy to use above your head to clean your curtains or drapes as well. When you take off the top section to use the handheld you get super deep cleaning with the pet brush so you don’t have to worry about pet hair, even on your furniture. Priced right around $200, it’s got all the great features you expect like Never Loses Suction, dust away floor attachment and the crevice tool as well.

For the price and the versatility of this vacuum cleaner you are definitely not going to want to pass it up. There’s a little of everything here and for someone who has pets or who just needs a vacuum that doesn’t take up a lot of space but gets the job done, that’s definitely going to be a great feature.

The top-heavy design may seem strange at first but it’s actually one of the best things you could get because it makes balancing the vacuum a whole lot easier. Plus you get the maneuverability at the bottom that you really need to clean up the floors. Add the dust-away attachment and you really get cleaner than you’ve probably ever had before too.


Shark Navigator DLX Upright - The Budget Option

This is the least expensive of the Shark vacuums but that doesn’t mean the Navigator DLX is anything but a great investment. At less than $150 it’s something just about anyone can afford and it provides all the things you know and love about the other vacuums like never losing suction, a lightweight design and the ability to clean on carpets or hard surface floors. It also has the largest capacity dust cup to ensure you can clean a larger area without having to empty the cleaner.

The slightly larger frame definitely means less emptying and that’s always going to be a good feature. It doesn’t have a handheld but it has a detachable wand that you can use to get into smaller spaces as well and even though it has a large canister the head is actually small and flat to get under furniture and into tight spaces without hitting that canister on anything. The extra features, like a dusting brush, crevice tool and pet brush make it easier to clean just about anything in your home without having to look for another cleaner or a different type of tool.

You can clean your entire house quickly and easily with this one, and you can do it for a great price as well. There’s definitely no reason not to give it a try and check out just what you can accomplish with this, you’ll be more than happy with the result.

There’s a lot of great features to the Navigator DLX. It has twice the capacity of the older version, which means less emptying and it’s got the extra tools that you really need for getting the whole house looking good. What was really great was the filters that it uses are all washable and reusable so you don’t have to worry about a lot of extra cost there. Definitely a great benefit to go along with the great cleaning.

Final thoughts

The Shark line of vacuums is definitely a great line-up. The brand creates some great products and really makes sure that there are great features to each one. You can’t go wrong with any of these vacuums. You’re just going to need to find the one that really fits your needs best. Whether you need the cleaning power for pets or whether you just need something that can clean multiple surfaces, you’re going to find one. And you’ll be able to get it at a great price too because the Shark vacuum cleaners are all reasonably priced, which is great when you compare them to other brand-name vacuum cleaners which tend to have a much wider price range to get the features that you really want.