Best Steam Cleaners for Laminate Floors

Steam Cleaners for Laminate Floor

Best Steam Cleaners for Laminate FloorsThere are certain cleaners that make it easy to clean laminated floors such as a steamer which will increase the ability to remove tough stains and dirt. They will not ruin the floor and will accomplish making the laminated floor looking shiny and new.

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Here are some of the best steam cleaners for laminate floors to choose from.

Best Laminate Floor Mop Kit

Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Kit, FG1M1600GRYRD

This mop has several items that come with the mop including two refillable bottles and three wet mop pads that are made of microfiber. With the Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Kit you can wash and reuse the pads up to 100 times. It can pick up 50 percent more dirt than other mops and it is easy to maneuver.

It has an ergonomic handle and it is safe to use on all types of hard floors. There is a durable lightweight mop kit and it costs about $45 online. It received 4 and 5 stars from 80% of Amazon reviewers. This mop head dries floors quickly as well to help prevent ruining hard floors.


Best Portable Steam Cleaner

This machine – Steam Fast Multi Purpose SF370 Steam Cleaner weighs about nine pounds and has a 6.5 foot long hose. It can heat up within eight minutes and has 15 versatile accessories including a brass utility, jet nozzle, squeegee, nylon utility brush, and microfiber pads.

It needs no chemicals to clean and uses tap water. There is steam on demand on its trigger and a steam locking switch that allows you to have continuous steam without having to keep pressing the button. It has a water tank capacity of 45 ounces and lasts for up to 45 minutes of run time.

It costs about $120 online and it received 4.5 stars from 75% of amazon reviewers. Consumers like its good performance and easy assembly.

Best Steam Mop under $100

Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop 1940This item has a scrubber flip down that is able to reach down into grout and crevices. The Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop weighs about 8 pounds and it has variable steam control by pushing a button. It has a low profile mop head that makes it easy to maneuver under furniture and it has a smart jet steam control for light cleaning. I

t comes with a two year limited warranty at time of purchase. It is made in China and it can kill up to 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria. It can clean two times faster than top cleaners and it comes with multiple accessories including microfiber mop pad, scrubby mop pad, and spring breeze fragrance with disc inserts. It is easy to assemble and there are removable water tanks.

It costs about $80 online and it received 4.5 stars from more than 775 amazon reviewers. Consumers like how easy it is to handle and its cleaning power.

Best Handheld Steam Cleaner for Laminate

Bissell Steam Hard Surface Cleaner 39N7AThis steamer – Bissell Steam Hard Surface Cleaner 39N7A operates on 1000 watts of power and it weighs about five pounds. It is made in China and it does not need chemicals to clean.

It has a 16 foot long power cord and a number of accessories including a flat scraping tool, nozzle, detail brush, extension hose, an angle converter, squeegee, and a fabric and grout brush.

Consumers like its long power cord and feel it is good to clean practically anything. It costs about $40 online and it received 3.5 stars from 266 amazon reviewers.

All of these items are among the best steam cleaners for laminated floors. They provide features that make them easy to use and fun to clean with.