Best Steam Cleaner for Pet Stains

Steam Cleaners for Pets

Best Steam Cleaner for Pet StainsSteam cleaners are great to have in your home as they can get rid of all sorts of set in animal tains in your carpets and upholstery.

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You don’t have to rent a machine or pay someone to come out and clean for you as there are many great steam cleaners on the market to choose from. If you have pets there are fewer to select from, but here is a narrowed down search for you as these choices are among the top rated cleaners for either hard surfaces, or carpet and upholstery.


Best Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner

This item – Steam Fast Multi Purpose SF 370 Steam Cleaner weighs about eight pounds and it has 15 versatile accessories that include multiple steam mop attachments. It has a 45 ounce water tank and it is able to last for up to 45 minutes before needing to add water.

It has several tools including a a jet nozzle, squeegee, a scrub and corner tool, and two brushes. It can heat up within eight minutes and it delivers steam on demand for cleaning bare floors, and other hard surfaces. It has a steam locking switch that delivers consistent steam as well. It doesn’t use any harsh chemicals which makes it perfectly safe to use around children and pets.

Consumers like its easy assembly and sturdy base unit. They like how easy it is to maneuver around for easy cleaning.


Best Pet Carpet Cleaner under $250

This unit weighs about 20 pounds, has 12 cleaning rows of brushes and has the ability to activate the Clean Shot Pretreated to deliver a concentrated stream of cleaning solution right where you need to attack the toughest stains. The Bissel ProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner (1986) has also the New Max Clean mode.

It has 2 in 1 Pet Upholstery Tool that is able to remove and trap pet hairs, other small debris and odors from upholstery. It has a 1 gallon tank and a 25 foot long power cord. It has EZ Clean Brush Roll Cover making quick and easy cleaning the machine after a deep clean.

It can dry surfaces fast and it has a deep reach pet tool that is able to clean from the bottom of the carpet to the top. Consumers like how easy it is to use and how well it cleans.


Best Handsfree Spot Cleaner

Bissell Spot Bot Pet Hands Free Spot and Stain Cleaner with Deep Reach Technology 33NP

This Bissell Spotbot Pet Handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner 33N8 has a deep reach technology that allows you to get into the carpets easily and efficiently, removing hairs and odors. It has a flexible vacuum hose and a handsfree spot cleaning. It has a preset cleaning cycle that can spray, brush, and remove stains with a push of a button. It comes with a one year limited warranty at time of purchase.

It has 3 amps and a 32 ounce tank capacity, allowing you to clean for a long period of time before having to clean out the tank. It can complete up to 400 cleaning evolutions with its spinal brushing and it costs about $130 online. It received 4 and 5 stars from more than 75% of Amazon reviewers, making this one of the best steam cleaner for pets.

Best Steam Cleaner for Pet Stains

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All of these items are among the best steam cleaners to remove pet stains and make a great addition to your home if you have pets.

They provide you with multiple features that make cleaning easy and fun as you will be able to remove most of the pet stains that you may have throughout your home.