What are the Best Steam Cleaners for Bed Bugs?

Steam Cleaners for Sofa and Bed

best bed bug claner for the moneySteam cleaners are ideal to have in your home to do various types of cleaning, but if you want to kill bed bugs or prevent them, there are specific cleaners that will do the job. They can be found at your local department store or online.

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You can search online where consumers post their reviews on the product they purchased in order to help you determine which one is best for you. Here are a few of the best steam cleaners for bed bugs you can consider.



Best Heavy-Duty Hand-Held Steam Cleaner

Euroflex Monster SC50 Heavy Duty Dry Steam Handheld Multipurpose Steam Cleaner SanitizerThe Euroflex Monster SC50 Heavy Duty Dry Steam Handheld Multipurpose  Steam Cleaner Sanitizer operates on 1450 watts and can clean parasitically anything including floors, furniture, drapery, and vehicle interior.

It comes with 11 different accessories including two extension tubes, a floor brush, a filter, funnel, nylon detail brush, a brass detail brush, a window squeegee, and a detail nozzle. There is also a carpet glider and a microfiber cloth. It has a strong heavy duty hose that is crush proof. Its boiler is stainless steel and can not corrode or rust.

It has an adjustable steam level and it uses tap water for steam. There is no need for chemicals to clean with this steam cleaner and is has a 13 foot power cord to reach further distances.

There is a shoulder strap to allow you to hold the cleaner without hurting your back. It has a stainless steel external heat element. It received 4.5 stars from Amazon reviewers, making this one of the top rated steam cleaners for bed bugs you could buy. It kills 99.9 percent of germs, bacteria, bed bugs and dust mites.


Best Steam Cleaner for Bed Bugs under $120

Sienna Eco Steamer Canister Steam Cleaner SSC 0312This cleaner uses tap water and is 100 percent chemical free. The Sienna Eco Steamer Canister Steam Cleaner SSC 0312 runs on 1350 watts and has an illuminated power switch.

You get up to 35 minutes of steam cleaning with one filling. It has several accessories that come with it including two cloth pads, extension arm, two extra tubes, two fabric brush pads, glass squeegee and a fabric brush.

It is lightweight at 11 pounds and costs about $120 online. It earned 4.5 stars from Amazon reviewers.


Best Steam Sanitizer under $60

Haan AllPro HS 20R Steam CleanerThe Haan AllPro HS 20R Steam Cleaner costs about $60 online and it comes with a one year limited warranty. It has a handheld device that allows you to clean all types of areas including stairs, cars, and curtains.

It can heat up within three minutes and its temperature gets as high as 212 degrees. It is excellent in killing germs, bacteria, dust mites, and bed bugs. It is very lightweight at less than three pounds and is easy to carry around.

It has an easy control trigger spray and it can use tap water without the need for chemicals. There are various accessories that come with this steamer including a concentration nozzle, extension hose, nylon scrub brush, angled nozzle, and a wire scrub brush.

It received 4 stars from more than 75 Amazon reviewers, making this one of the top steam cleaners for bed bugs.


Best Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

McColloch MC 1275 Heavy Duty Steam CleanerThe McColloch MC 1275 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner runs on 1500 watts and costs about $120 online. It has a 50 ounce capacity of water. It comes with a 12 foot power cord and various accessories including a jet nozzle, water funnel, a measuring cup, a triangular brush, a squeegee, a brass utility brush, a mop head, extension wands, and microfiber pads that are washable and reusable.

It has a steam control switch and a storage compartment to store up to 10 accessories that are included with this steamer. There is a scrubbing pad and caster wheels for easy mobility. There are no chemicals needed for cleaning as it is 100 percent chemical free and uses tap water.

It can clean the toughest stains and even grease from a bbq grill. It earned 4 stars from more than 835 Amazon reviewers, making this one of the top choices when searching for steam cleaners for bed bugs. It kills dust mites, bacteria, bed bugs, and allergens and you can use it in multiple areas including your home, office, and vehicle.

All of these are among the top pickings when searching for a good steam cleaner to get rid of all types of bugs, but especially those pesty bed bugs. Not many cleaners can do the job, but these are excellent choices and are affordable.

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