What’s the Best Steam Mop for Tile Floors and Grout?

Steam Cleaners for Tile Floor

Best Steam Mop for Tile Floors and Grout2Finding the best steam cleaning equipment and tools is embarrassingly easy with all of the possible choices out there!

The best steam mop for cleaning tile flooring here

There are upright units and low lying canister models. Many of them handle just like a broom or mop to make it as ergonomically easy as possible.

Looking at just a few of them, available from Amazon, will help you understand your options:

Best Steam Mop for Grout under $100

Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop 1940The BISSEL Powerfresh Steam Mop has Spring Breeze fragrance discs, and an easy to remove water tank, this lightweight model is designed to get deep into the grout lines and crevices and leaves that spring scent wherever you use it. It also has SmartSet steam control so the amount of steam can be adjusted to meet the quantity of dirt, grime and germs that are present.

The 23 foot power cord is helpful for flexibility and maneuverability. There are also two washable Microban microfiber mop pads and one with scrubbing strips that can assist in the dirtiest areas. Steam eliminates as much as 99% of germs and bacteria, as well as other allergens when used as directed.

Reviewers commented on the ability to clean 10 year old grout! They also liked the easy way it is assembled. One of them mentioned it reduced the original time required to mop their 800 Square foot space from one hour to about 20 minutes. The system for removing and refilling the water tank and getting back in took about 30 seconds. And, again, this reviewer liked the way their 10 year old grout turned almost white, again.

One user simply said: “Easy to handle, excellent cleaning and sanitizing of hard floors, even sealed hard-wood floors” Several home owners mentioned they did not like to mop, until the BISSELL Powerfresh came out.

Best Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

McColloch MC 1275 Heavy Duty Steam CleanerThis canister type steam cleaning piece of equipment requires no chemicals which is always a good idea! The McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner has 1500 watts of stain, grease, grime and germs cleaning power.

The heavy-duty steam cleaner can disinfect and clean hard surface flooring as well as an entire host of other surfaces. With a 50 ounce water tank capacity, you can use it on trucks, cars, motorcycles and that boat that gets very slimy while in just about any body of water for a season.

The attachments that come with it will see you through many different chores and all of them can become germ free without the residue that can cause them to become dirtier faster. With the proper settings, a tank of water can last for approximately 45 minutes and is a great tool to have in the garage or any other shop that promotes greasy or oily projects, even that barbecue grill out back.

Best Steam Mop for Tile Floors and Grout4The accessories available are jet nozzles, extension wands, mop heads and microfiber pads. A squeegee, triangle and nylon bristle brushes make this an all around cleaning tool and the scrub pads make quick work of many hard surfaces for sanitation in grimy areas.

Here is what what owner has to say: “Here are the positives- fill it up, turn it on, in about 10 minutes you’re steamin’ away”

A car owner had this to say about this unit:” Works well on car wheels. Brake dust is very fine and a pain to clean by hand.”

One very informative home owner says ”About those attachments, they include a concentrator with a round brush on the head, and six different brushes to choose from. Some are nylon of various sizes, and one is a brass brush for the tough surfaces. They have a corner brush, a window cleaner with steam squeegee, an attachment for the extension pieces that steam-mops floors, and a round scrubber attachment.”

Best Power Steamer and Cleaner under $100

Wagner on Demand Power 915 Steam and CleanerThe Wagner 915 (0282014) 1,500-Watt On-Demand Power Steamer and Cleaner by Wagner packs a lot of power for the price.

The Wagner 915 can be used to remove wallpaper and as a floor cleaner that cleans and sanitizes a host of things. BBQ grills, rugs, greasy things and the finger tip steam control will cause it to operate continuously or intermittently. There are two extensions, along with tools and attachments to clean windows.

There are, of course, a floor cleaning head with pads, a wallpaper plate and an 8 foot hose, along with a 45 minute run time and .4 gallon tank.

Best Steam Mop for Tile Floors and Grout3It is a low profile unit that scoots easily along the floor and can complete chores in just about every room in the house. Pressurized steam cleans and disinfects anything that you need cleaned.

The on-demand power steam is controlled by the pistol grip, making t as easy to use in the kitchen, the bathrooms or the garage and, because there are no chemicals needed, there is no residue to attract additional contamination.

See more of the best steam mops for grout and tile on Amazon.com here

The many things that most of the owners liked? Ease of set up. All of the attachments and the lightweight ease of use. One home owner says: “Results on cement floor – outstanding!! (see my Customer Images) Just a few swipes with the cleaning brush attachment did the job (plus a whole lot of paper towels).”