Which are the Best Steam Cleaners for Tile?

Steam Cleaners for Tile Floor

Steam Cleaners for Tile2Out of all the household chores that you have to do, mopping the floors has to be at the top or at least close to it. No one enjoys the old-fashioned way of scrubbing it on hand and knees.

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Let’s not even discuss the wringer mop which spread more dirt than cleaned it up. You are also busy. You don’t want to wait hours for the floor to dry. Enter the steam mop. A gift from the heavens to lighten your load, speed cleaning and doesn’t leave you with wrinkled hands and wet clothes.

Best Lightweight Steam Mop

Shark Light & Easy Steam MopThe Shark Light & Easy Steam Mop is regarded as a top model of cleaner for people who like their floor, not only clean, but also sanitized. It is light weight and easy to care from room to room. This may be unnecessary at time because the cord is very long. The pads that accompany it are easy to clean. Throw them into a garment bag and wash with your everyday clothing. No special, costly pad to purchase. This model produces steam in 30 seconds. It cleans up tough stains quickly and the floor is dry within minutes.

Its assembly is easy but according to some customers, the handle is not as well made as the rest of the machine. As with other steam mops, the pad does not rotate which makes getting into corners a little difficult but it can be done. The Shark can get your floors looking like new even ridding the floor of old soap and cleaners after a few uses.

Best Steam Mop in the Market

BISSELL Powerfresh 1940The Powerfresh Steam Mop by Bissell offers a variety of options that are not available on other models. There is an easy scrubber that flips down to clean grout and tile crevises . This saves you time and trouble and saves you from scrubbing the area manually. You are also able to insert a fragrance disc in the mop pad to provide a clean scent while you steam. It has a digital steam control to allow the amount of steam that is needed for the area. It is easy to assemble and comes with a hand scrubber brush to clean grout.

The steamer heats up within 30 seconds and refilling the tank is quite simple and can be done within 30 seconds. This model worked well sideways as well as straight forward. The Bissell removed layers of built up grime after several uses. There weren’t any complaints about the machine that were different than the other models.

Top Rated Steam Mop in the Market

Smart Living Steam Mop PlusThe Smart Living Steam Mop Plus received many praises from customers. It was a little pricier than some of the models, but overall a steal. This model produces a lot more steam than other models. It also is capable of fitting under furniture without moving it. Customers with children and pets were pleased that it used no chemicals and sanitized as it went about getting the dirt and grime off of the floor’s surface.

The only downfall reported is that distilled water should be used to maximize the cleaning. The cleaning pads are long lasting even after multiple years of washing and line drying. There is no sticky residue or cleaning lines left on the floor after use. It is simple to assemble and is easy to use for everyone. The scrubber attachment allows the cleaning of tubs, shower doors and grout.

Best Steam Mop for the Money

Dirt Devil Easy Steam MopThe Dirt Devil Easy Steam Mop is ready in 30 seconds. The steam is distributed across the entire cleaning pad and has a V-shaped head that can get into the hard to clean corners of your room The model does not have a tank, but comes with a cup, funnel and 2 cleaning pads. The smooth, even steam helps to reduce the pad becoming soaked and leaves the floor with fewer smears and streaks.

The mop doesn’t push the dirt around but picks it up with the cleaning pad. It is easy to use, quick to assemble and lightweight. It gets even deeply embedded stains off of the floor without too much effort. The major complaint was that the head tended to push the dirt into the corner instead of absorbing it into the pad.

Best Steam Mop for Tile Floor

Eureka Enviro Hard Surface Floor Steamer 313AThe Eureka Enviro Hard Surface Steamer received great reviews from its users. It is different from the other models because it has a power indicator light for water levels and pre-heating and cooling down tray for your safety. The handle is also adjustable to fit the user. It does not have a water tank but comes with a cup, funnel and 2 steam pads. This unit is meant for hard floors, so if you are using it on any other surface, test it on a small, out-of-the-way place. The Eureka uses tap water, right from your faucet which is unique in its design.

The Eureka has a cord length of 25 feet which can be released with a tug to unwind to the length that you need. The steam temperature is a lot hotter than other models so care should be used around children and pet. This model is a little heavier than other models but that helped because you didn’t have to press down very hard to clean. This stem mop had a lesser depth that made cleaning under appliances and furniture a breeze. There were not many complaints about this model from the reviewers.Steam Cleaners for Tile3

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When purchasing a steam mop, there are certain considerations to make. The types of floors that need to be cleaned, the cord length and the amount of steam that the mop emits as it cleans. Regardless of the model that you choose, your floors will be clean and sanitized without too much effort from you. You can throw away your old mops and rubber gloves.