Best Rated Mop for Vinyl Floors

Steam Cleaners for Vinyl Floor

Best Rated Mop for Vinyl Floors2Mops come in three different sorts. There is the old type which one swishes around dipping it in and out of soapy water.

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These mops have heads which can be string or sponge. Technology moves on, and now you have a wider choice of mops for your vinyl floor. The newer generation of mops allows you to completely do away with the bucket of soapy water.

Best Rated Mop for Vinyl Floors3The second type of mop can comes with replaceable heads, which can be made of sponge or cloth.

The mop has its own container which you fill with detergent or cleaner. With a push of the button it will dispense fluid and after use can be squeezed out. The mop heads you just throw away when worn and replace with new ones.

This article refers to the third and latest in mop technology a vinyl hard floor cleaner which often has a combined wet and vacuum feature. Some have built in scrubbers for hard floors. The review below will help you choose the best mop for your vinyl floors:

Best Vinyl Floor Spray Mop under $50

Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop 1892663The Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Kit can be purchased online. It is a handy little machine and comes complete with two bottles which can be refilled.

You also get three micro fiber mop pads. The pads are well designed and are substantial and can be washed out over a hundred times before replacement saving lots of money.

The pads are good at removing a good 50 percent more dirt than a traditional mop. You can tweak its cleaning ability and it has an easy to hold handle and light enough to be carried from room to room without any strain. The mop dries faster than ordinary mops and the mop only weighs 3 pounds. One of the lightest mops around.

Best Hardwood Floor Steamer under $100

Bissell Steam Mop Hard Floor Cleaner 1867-7The Bissell 1867 Bare Floor Steam Mop Cleaner is an excellent vinyl floor mop and is lightweight. It weighs seven pounds and is quick to prepare for use. Unlike other mops it is chemical free and only uses water to clean.

It features a low profile head, which pivots. It also has a ergonomic handle to make taking the mop to different rooms easy without strain. The steam is controlled by a trigger on the handle. A full tank of water will last 15 minutes.

The mop has a built in carrying handle and washable cloth pads. It comes with a one year warranty at the point of purchase. An excellent mop for vinyl floors and has a 10.5 inch floor nozzle that fires steam from the trigger on the handle.

It also features a filter that warns you when it is time to be replaced. It can be mounted on a wall for storage and a retractable quick release lead.

Best Steam Cleaner for Vinyl under $50

Black & Decker BDH1720SM SmartSelect Steam MopThe Black and Decker Steam Mop with Smart Select Technology has a two year guarantee. The manufacturer boasts it can kill 99 percent of bacteria, germs and mites. It does all this without the use of chemicals.

The head swivels and it can be steered around the room with ease. It can be used without stopping for 25 minutes and the operator can use a wide range of different motions.

The mop comes with an exceptional large water tank which is easy to fill and empty. The pads are washable and can be reused many times before replacement and the pads can be removed without using hands.

There is a light in the tank that turns from red to blue when the machine is ready to use. There is also a handy labor saving resting mat that lets you to prevent any spills.

Best Inexpensive Vinyl Floor Mopto Buy

Super Absorbent Microfiber Mop for HardwoodThe Super Absorbent Microfiber Mop for vinyl floors is very light, weighing just 5 pounds. It comes complete with two microfiber pads and cleans dust and dirt easily with little effort. It will leave your vinyl floors with a streak free brilliant shine.

It is a really good mop for wet and dry surfaces. It can remove germs and bacteria and mites. It is also able to get into tight corners and hard to get at areas. The mop has washable mop pads which can be replaced when needed. It is one of the best mops for hard and vinyl floors available on the market.

Best Rated Mop for Vinyl Floors5Vinyl floors can get easily scratched and marked if you don’t use the right mop for the job. A scratched floor and look untidy and can easily be avoided by using the correct mop for the purpose.

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A tip, always remember to sweep the floor before mopping to avoid particles scratching the floor. It is hoped the above reviews will help you choose the right mop for your vinyl floors.