What is the Best Portable Steamer for Cleaning?

Handheld Steam Cleaners

Best Portable Steamer for CleaningIf you clean a lot of different types of surfaces from upholstery to your car exterior, then consider purchasing a portable steamer. These will kill germs fast and without the need of chemicals, make the materials you are cleaning vibrant and clean.

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Here are some of the best portable steamers for cleaning that you should consider.

Best Portable Steamer for the Money

Best Portable Steamer for CleaningThis Steam Fast Multi Purpose SF370 Steam Cleaner comes with 15 accessories that are versatile including microfiber pads, a mop head, a nylon utility brush, brass utility brush, jet nozzle, and squeegee. It requires no chemicals for cleaning and makes it environmentally friendly.

It is lightweight at nine pounds and has a 6.5 foot long steam hose. It can heat up with eight minutes and it has a water tank capacity of 45 ounces. The steam lasts for up to 45 minutes of run time.

It costs about $120 online and it received 4.5 stars from more than 70 amazon.com reviewers to make this one of the best portable steamer for cleaning.

Best Inexpensive Portable Steam Cleaner

Best Portable Steamer for CleaningThis Home Right Steam Machine C800880 Steamer is lightweight at eight pounds and has an eight foot long hose. There are six attachments included such as squeegee, a brass brush, jet nozzle, nylon brush and a cleaning cloth. It has a wallpaper steam plate and a measuring cup and funnel. There are two adapters that hold the attachments easily.

It has a safety cap that helps protect the user from injury. It comes with a two year warranty at time of purchase. It operates on 120 volts of power and it has a water capacity of 40 ounces.

Consumers like its convenient long hose and how the steam continues without having to hold down a button. It costs about $108 online and it received 4 stars from 135 amazon reviewers.

Best Portable Steamer under $150

Best Portable Steamer for CleaningThis McCulloch Heavy Duty MC1275 Steam Cleaner is lightweight at 16 pounds. It has a storage compartment that holds all of its accessories conveniently. It has a 50 ounce water tank and you can control the steam through a switch.

There are up to 10 accessories that come with this item including a squeegee, scrub pad, nylon utility brush and brass utility brush, a water funnel, measuring cup, and extension wands. There is a jet nozzle and mop head that also comes with this item. It can easily remove stains including grease and grime.

It has caster wheels that make it easy to maneuver and it operates on 1500 watts. It requires no chemicals to make it environmentally friendly. It costs about $140 online and it received 4 stars form more than 1045 amazon reviewers. Consumers like it long lasting steam for up to three hours and how well it works on car wheels.

Best Portable Steam Cleaner for Upholstery and Carpet

Best Portable Steamer for CleaningThis Bissell Spot Clean Portable Carpet Cleaner is lightweight at 10 pounds and has a deep reach tool. There are removable tanks that make it easy for you to fill and empty. It has a slim design that allows you to use on stairs and it has a three inch stain tool.

It comes with trial size Oxygen boost and spot and stain formulas for better cleaning. There is a long rubber nozzle and a 37 ounce capacity to the water tanks. There are two water tanks and it has a 15 foot long power cord. It costs about $100 online. It received 4 stars from nearly 200 amazon.com reviewers. Consumers like how quiet it operates and how easy it is to use.

Best Portable Steamer for Cleaning

All of these items are excellent choices when you are searching for the best portable steam cleaner. They all provide features that make them outstanding and easy to use. They make cleaning fun rather than a chore.

See the best portable steamers for cleaning hard and soft surfaces