Best Vacuum for Tile Floors

When you think of cleaning your tile floors you may not really think about vacuuming them.

Sure we all slide a vacuum across the floor but we never expect that it’s going to do a whole lot and if we really need the floor to be clean we pull out the mop to follow it up right?

Well there are plenty of vacuums out there that really can help you clean your floors.

They really will pick up dirt and debris and anything else on your carpets but even more importantly they’ll do it on TILE ! Wouldn’t it be great not to have to spend so much time and energy on moping and scrubbing the floors and just be able to get everything up with a vacuum for tile floor?

Well we’re telling you it’s not only a great idea but it’s actually possible. These five vacuum cleaners are going to make it easier to get floors clean and they’re going to do it by using some great features that range from included wipes and scrubbers to power brushes and bristles.

So you won’t need to worry about that mop anymore and, in fact, you might even be able to banish it to the back of the closet because you’re going to be just that happy with the great quality that your vacuum provides on your tiles.

Best Vacuum for Tile Floors Comparison


  • The best offer
  • Dyson quality
  • Priced around $270


  • Great cordless vacuum
  • Powerful suction
  • Priced under $150

Shark Navigator Cheap Bagless Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


  • Lift away technology
  • Leightweight
  • Priced around $200


  • Fingertip control for multi floor
  • Powerful
  • Priced under $150


  • Lift Away and Lightweight 
  • 12 tools and accessories
  • Priced under $100

Best Vacuum for Tile Floors Reviews

These five vacuum cleaners are going to surprise you with some of their features because they actually have the ability to do more than just pick up dirt and debris from your carpet (as you expect a vacuum to do). Instead, these vacuum cleaners are going to help you get rid of the dirt and debris from your hard floors too, even including tile.


Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner - The Best Quality at a Great Price

The Dyson Ball Multi Floor has the quality of all members of the Dyson familly, but has an afordable price. In the same way it is quite powerful for its weight. Indeed Dyson means, strong motor, big suction power, easier cleaning. That means you have a whole lot less work ahead of you when it comes time to clean your floors. It's HEPA fully equipped, which is the best protection against alergens.  

Great for Tile Floors, great and unique for multi floors, the self adjusting cleaner head allowing to pass easily from tile to other kind of floors: the base just adjusts automatically.

The Dyson Ball Multi Floor is our choice of best tile floor vacuum for its cleaning power across a variety of floor types. More expensive than other brands, but cheaper than most of other Dyson, a really good solution, being assured that additional money is paying for top-notch engineering, construction, and overall cleaning performance. It's a serious machine for households that need the strongest cleaning power.


Hoover LiNX Signature Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner - The Small Scale Fix

Hoover is a brand we’re all familiar with when it comes to vacuum cleaners and for very good reason; they’re good at what they do. This stick vacuum is definitely a good representation of that great name and it’s something you’re going to see for yourself when you try it out.

Not everyone wants a large vacuum cleaner that takes up a lot of space in their home and that’s why the Hoover Linx Signature Cordless Stick vacuum is definitely a great choice. It’s actually right around $100 and it’s entirely bagless and cordless so you can move around easier. The canister may be small but you’re going to still have enough space to clean a good share of your home as well.

With the edge cleaning bristles you can get dirt and other debris out of the edges of your tile floors and you’ll be able to see easily when you have enough dirt that you need to empty it out. If you want to clean on carpeted floors there is an additional power brush that you can easily turn on and off to make it easier and to make sure you get a better quality job.

This WindTunnel vacuum has enough features for such a small vacuum that you’re going to absolutely love and that you’re not going to want to miss.

The WindTunnel technology makes sure that anything on the floors is picked up, even when that debris is on hard floors, usually more difficult for a vacuum. The Hoover Linx Signature is also great for carpeted floors because it has strong suction and moves easily at the same time. Not to mention the fact that it’s cordless so you can take it anywhere around the house all at the same time without having to worry about your distance.

Shark Navigator Cheap Bagless Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional - The Most Versatile Choice

All the vacuums on this list do a great job with pet hair your tiles, but sometimes you need a little more versatility to handle uneven surfaces and hard to reach places. Enter the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional. Between open floors, curtains, stairs, and even vehicle upholstery, this versatile vacuum has your needs covered.

For flat flooring, the Navigator Lift-Away Pro has all the features you’d expect: a HEPA air filter, variable suction, and a powerful anti-allergen seal that traps in 99.9% of fine particles like dust and dander. Add in a 30 foot power cord and Shark’s extra large dust bin, and you’ll get a fantastic deep clean with less time wasted emptying dust.

But when it comes to cleaning uneven and high up surfaces - somewhere most upright vacuums struggle - the Lift-Away absolutely shines. One push of a button and the handle and motor detaches from the base and transforms into a highly versatile canister vacuum.

The Shark Navigator also comes with a variety of attachments to fit your exact cleaning needs. Between the premium pet power brush, the crevice tool, and the bare floor dusting pad, there’s no job you won’t be able to tackle. Since the canister hose converts directly from upright mode, it is a little on the short side for reaching the highest surfaces. Beyond that, you’ll find this vacuum should be able to handle pretty much any situation you throw at it.

The low price on the Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro is definitely making it a great investment. It also has some great technology to help it brush up dirt and debris out of your carpet and simultaneously scoop up spills and more. Easy to use on any type of flooring whether it’s hard surface or carpeting. It’s also easy to move around because the handle tilts as the wheels spin. Not only that but the unit is small enough to store no matter what type of space you might have.


Bissell 1161 Hard Floor Expert Deluxe Canister Vacuum - The Best of Both Sides

Bissell is another excellent brand in vacuum cleaners that we all know and love and the Hard Floor Expert Deluxe is definitely going to help improve that. It has a two piece form with a small handle that’s just like a stick vacuum and a second piece for the canister. That means it’s easier to roll around the cleaner portion and get into a lot of small spaces without having to worry about the canister.

Of course, the large canister means that it’s also able to hold a lot more so there’s less emptying of the tank.

The rubber wheels have felt treads to make sure that there will not be any marks left on your floors, even hard surfaces, and all the controls are right at your fingers, on the main stick section rather than the canister.

Not to mention the small frame of the Hard Floor Expert Deluxe allows you to clean drapes and other small surfaces without having to lift a large vacuum or worry about a handheld piece. You just move the main section of the cleaner wherever you want and the canister can be stood up to stay still or laid down to roll with you.

The moderate price, around $150, is a great price, especially for a great vacuum that provides cleaning ability in so many different ways and is small enough to store easily.

This is where you’re going to get a good clean. The Hard Floor Expert Deluxe has some really good suction and you can easily move the stick vacuum and the canister separately to make sure that there’s no problem getting into smaller spaces. You’ll also be able to clean hard surfaces easily, because of the rubber wheels and you can clean carpeting because of the advanced suction.


Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub with Bonus Hard Floor Wipes - The All-in-One

The Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub is actually a 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner because it not only vacuums the debris and dirt off your floor but also washes the floors and dries them too. That means you have a whole lot less work ahead of you when it comes time to clean your floors. Because it has a long cord you can just switch it on whatever setting you want with the hand-level controls and go through the entire room just that easy.

Included in the box is a set of hard surface wipes and even the detergent that you need to clean. All you have to do is put it on and you’re ready to go. But you can also just use the scrub brushes already on the base of the cleaner to scrub up harder stains.

You’ll be able to easily add water and detergent or empty the canister when you’re ready to put it away, which definitely makes it a great way to keep your house cleaner than ever.

If you’re looking for a vacuum that can take care of everything at the same time then the Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub is definitely going to be an excellent option for you. It will help you save money because of the moderate price and because it can do so much all on its own.

Cleaning harder floors is definitely not easy and a vacuum is usually not the way to do it, but with the Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub vacuum it can actually be a lot easier because you get the debris up off the floor and then get the dirt scrubbed off as well. It’s a lot faster process and a lot better because it starts looking better right away. Just a few minutes and your entire house could be completely clean.

Final thoughts

No matter what type of flooring you have you want to make sure that it’s going to be clean. You want to make sure that everything in the house looks just like new and even though that’s not always easy, there are ways to do it. The key is definitely having the right tools and these vacuum cleaners are going to help you with that. Whether you really want to get the floor clean of dirt or if you’re looking for something that will actually pick up debris you’ll be able to find one and one that works on your hard floors as well.

Check out your options, including the pricing and the way that they work. Different cleaners will work better for different people. For example, the stick vacuums may be a better option if you don’t have a lot of space. A cordless may be better if you want to get the cleaning done without having to move a plug. Maybe the 2-piece is better if you’re looking to empty the canister less frequently but still have easier movement abilities. Definitely make sure you’re checking each of them though because you can’t go wrong with any of these options.