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Best Rated Carpet ShampooerCarpets are an integral part of your home and it is imperative that you keep them looking their best at all times.

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They are a part of your home décor and you need to make sure that you give them a good deep-cleaning even if you use a vacuum cleaner regularly. Although professional carpet cleaning is recommended, you can do it yourself too and save some money. There are plenty of products available to help you become a DIY carpet cleaner.

Best Rated Carpet Shampooer3If you are a novice, there are certain points that you should always remember to avoid damaging your carpets. These points are:

  • Avoid over-using carpet shampoo
  • Do not over-wet your carpets
  • Keep furniture away from wet carpets to prevent stains from dyes

best carpet shampooer for the moneyDirt is not all that needs to be cleaned from carpets. Bacteria, pollen, fungus, smoke from cigarettes, exhaust from cars, etc. get transferred on to your carpets every day so it is vital to thoroughly clean them and prevent allergens and other harmful particles from affecting the health of your family. This is why you should get a top-rated carpet shampooer to use at home.

Here is a short list of some of the best carpet shampooers that are available today. It will give you an idea about the options you have.

Best Carpet Cleaner for the Money

The Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner Machine

is a power-packed unit that comes with a motor of 10 amps that will give you superior deep-cleaning for your carpets.

You can use a carpet shampoo and hot water to get great results. It has a great feature called SpinScrub that provides you a powerful cleaning for carpets with tough stains and spots.

This unit comes with 3 tools to help you. They are the stairs, upholstery and crevice tool. This is a must-buy if you are looking for a well-designed shampooer that gives you top performance and durability.

Best Hot Water Carpet Cleaner for Pets

This is another top-rated carpet cleaner that will help you effectively clean every inch of your carpet. Its Pet Hair Basket sucks up pet hair and provides easy disposal. While you are cleaning, the Bissell DeepClean Deluxe Pet Carpet Cleaner’s Heatwave Technology helps in maintaining the hot water’s temperature consistently to give you a deep clean.

It also has 12-cleaning row Dual Power brushes to help you clean even the most deeply-embedded dirt.

Stains caused by pets can be removed thoroughly with the Stain Trapper tool. This is a great buy as you get quality, durability and powerful carpet cleaning performance.

Best Rug Shampooer and Floor Polisher

The Koblenz Rug Shampooer and Floor Polisher is a powerful cleaner that allows you to shampoo carpeted areas and rugs as well as polish bare floors. It comes with twin brushes that have opposite-direction rotation for easier and quicker cleaning.

Its 12-inch cleaning width allows you to clean a larger area with each stroke. This unit comes with 2 pairs of polishing pads and 2 sets of brushes for scrubbing.

This is a high-quality product that is easy to use and durable. For excellent floor cleaning and maintenance, this is a terrific machine you will love!



Best Lightweight Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner

Shark ZZ550 Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor CleanerThe Shark ZZ550 Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner is a powerful carpet/hard floor cleaner that gives you action of 1000 scrubs/minute. It has 2 scrub modes that will help you clean both carpets and bare floors efficiently.

It has a Total Floor Care System that is perfect for all types of floors. This unit provides gentle and safe, non-toxic cleaning that is ideal for homes with children and pets! It has swivel steering making it easy for you to move around furniture and other obstacles.

It comes with handy accessories and tools to make cleaning your carpets and bare floor surfaces easy and convenient, including a 12-ounce wood and hard floor cleaner, 12-ounce carpet cleaner, 10-ounce activating retreater, 16-ounce wood and hard floor polisher, 2 cleaning pads for hard floors, 1 carpet or rug cleaning pad, 1 Scrub ‘n Stain pad for carpets, 2 cleaning pads for hard floors and 1 polishing pad. Cleaning your floors will be a fun chore with this cleaner to help you out!


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With these carpet shampooers, you can have fresh and clean carpets, as well as bare floors, that are always immaculate! Say goodbye to funny odors and stubborn dirt!