Best Steam Cleaners for Carpet: Reviews and Ratings

Best Carpet Cleaners

Best Steam Cleaners for CarpetIf you have a lot of stains in your carpet, then you need a good machine that can remove all of them. Finding the right device and solution can often be rather challenging, but a steam cleaner seems to be the best kind of machine to get the job done right.

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In this guide, we will take a look at three of the best steam cleaners for carpet so that you can find the one that will provide the most complete clean solution for your home.

Best Home Steam Cleaner for Carpet

Hoover SteamVac Pet F5918900The Hoover SteamVac Pet F5918900 may prove to be one of the best steam cleaners for carpet because of its system of multiple rotating SpinScrub brushes, which dig down deep into the carpets to pull out embedded stains, dirt, and debris that other machines tend to leave behind. T

here is a special heated cleaning system applied directly to the floors to get them cleaner than they normally are, and the CleanSurge function on the steam cleaner works to remove spots from the highly-trafficked areas of your home.

There are two different tanks on this steam cleaner, and they keep the dirty water separate from the clean water. This way, you don’t have to worry about accidentally putting dirty water back into the carpets and making the mess worse than it already was. The hand tool on this unit allows you to clean you stairs and upholstery, which tend to build up stains worse than other places do. This unit includes a pet & upholstery detergent and pet & stain odor remover, which works to remove the stains that your pets cause on your upholstery and carpets.

Real reviewers on seem to like the CleanSurge technology on this steam cleaner, as it allows you to spot clean with ease. Users also like the overall ease of use associated with this steam cleaner.

Best Carpet Cleaner for the Money

BISSELL PowerLifter 1622Anyone looking for the best steam cleaners for carpet may want to consider investing in the BISSELL PowerLifter 1622. There is a powerful 12-amp motor on this carpet cleaner, which means that it is powerful enough to remove a lot of stains that other machines may leave behind. There is a 4-row PowerBrush on this steam cleaner, and this gets deep down into the fibers of your carpet to remove those embedded stains that may have been there for quite a while.

You can use hot water from your sink and special cleaning detergent to make the steam cleaner run. There is a removable nozzle on this device, as well as a lint screen to keep lint from collecting inside the steam cleaner. When you purchase this particular model, you get a special bottle of floor cleaner that you can use in conjunction with hot water to help make the steam cleaner run more efficiently. reviewers say that they like the overall strength and cleanup ability that this steam cleaner offers. Users also like how well this steam cleaner works at picking up dirt and debris from the highly-trafficked areas of your home.

Best rated Steam Carpet Cleaner for Multi Floors

Hoover Max Extract F7412900The Hoover Max Extract F7412900 can easily be considered one of the best steam cleaners for carpet because it has 12 amps of power, which means that it should be able to cover a lot of ground in a very short span of time.

There are rotating brushes on this unit that get deep down into your carpets in a way that no other machine is able to do. The Dual-V technology helps maintain just the right amount of suction to get rid of that embedded debris that other devices tend to miss, so your carpets should look exceptionally clean after using this steam cleaner.

There are three different speeds on this steam cleaner: one for a spill pick up, one for a gentle scrub, and one for a power scrub, so you can get the right amount of cleaning that you need, depending on the type of job that you want to do. There is an 8-foot power cord on this steam cleaner, so you shouldn’t have to worry about changing outlets several times as you try to clean a given area. There is also a removable tool caddy for storing all the accessories that come along with this steam cleaner. Finally, when you purchase this unit, you get a special tool that was made specifically for removing stains from your upholstery and stairs.

According to popular reviews, users like how easily you can operate this device, as well as how easily you can remove and fill the tanks. Users also like the lightweight functionality associated with this particular steam cleaner.

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Steam cleaners are great devices to have for removing stains from your carpets. They usually get deep down into the carpet fibers and pick up pet stains, odors, dirt, and other debris that vacuums and other cleaning machines leave behind. Finding the right steam cleaner can sometimes be a challenge, but hopefully, after reading all the information presented in this guide, you now are able to make an educated purchase and decide which of these are the best steam cleaners for carpet.