Best Rated Steam Cleaner for Grout

Steam Cleaners for Grout

Best Rated Steam Cleaner for Grout2Dirty grout can make you feel dirty just by looking at it. Grout coloring doesn’t matter, when dirt collects and spills discolor the sealant between tiles it can be a hard mess to clean.

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Dirty grout definitely leaves you and guests who visit your home with a very unpleasant sensation. Fortunately, several steam cleaners are available on the market to help make your job of cleaning up the unpleasant mess easier. Many of these steam cleaners come with attachments and all are easy to use.

Best Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner on the Market

McColloch MC 1275 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner1500 watts of power and no chemicals! This is one advantage of cleaning with steam cleaners. You must be careful not to burn yourself with the steam, as you use its power to eliminate easily messes. The McCulloch Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner (MC-1275) has a water tank with a 50 ounce capacity. Grime, grease, and stains are no match for the steam cleaning power of this cleaner and its ten accessories. A built in power cord and caster wheels help extend your reach over a larger area needing to be cleaned.

Water is heated to over 200 degrees F, and up to 45 minutes of cleaning time help you tackle large jobs. A scrub brush, brass utility brush, nylon utility brushes, triangle brush, squeegee, measuring cup, water funnel, microfiber pads, mop head, extension wands, and a jet nozzle are accessories included with the McCulloch. Customers think that the quality and value of this item is worth purchasing it. One customer found this unit helpful for managing dust and allergens.

Best Handheld Steam Cleaner to Buy

HandHeld Pressurized Steam CleanerYou can use this hand held steam cleaner – Comfortday Handheld Multi-purpose Pressurized Steam Cleaner quickly and easily as you move about from dirty mess to sticky goo. No chemicals are needed to remove mold, grease and grime. Steam power lasts about 15-20 minutes, and the nine and a half foot power cord will give you great range for getting to the messes you need to clean. Nine accessories include: a towel, funnel, measuring cup, four nozzles, and extension hose.

Another interesting use for this steam cleaner is cleaning and lifting stains from drapes, bedspreads, and carpets. If you need to kill bed bugs, this steam cleaner can help you do the job. Customers found that this unit worked great at removing stains and dirt from upholstery, ovens, and toddler (banana) stains in the carpet.

Best Power Steamer and Cleaner for the Price

Wagner on Demand Power 915 Steam and CleanerAgain, this steam cleaner – Wagner 915 – 1500 Watt On-Demand Power Steamer/Cleaner (0282014) doesn’t require any chemicals. It is good for removing stains and cleaning up messes, and excellent at removing wallpaper. It has a “fingertip” steam control. It comes with a special “wallpaper steam plate” for use with unit for fast and easy removal of stubborn wallpaper. Steam cleaning, you should note, is also good for sanitizing and killing bacteria. An eight foot steam hose and extension tubes extend your reach and help you expand your working area.

Barbecue grills are another item that steam cleaners make easy to clean. With a 0.4 gallon capacity, this unit gives you about 45 minutes of cleaning time. The Wagner heats water to 135 degrees. A claim made about this product is the ability it has to remove wallpaper up to 20 times faster than a non pressurized steam cleaner. Customers like to point out that steam cleaners are eco friendly and essential cleaning tools if being environmentally conscience is for you. One customer liked being able to clean and sanitize children’s toys and potty training tools.

Best Hard-Surface Steam Cleaner to Buy

Bissell Variety Steam Shot (Model 39N7-1)The Bissell hand held “Shot” – Bissell Variety Steam Shot (Model 39N7-1) comes with four brushes, a corner cleaning tool, and a squeegee type tool that is good for cleaning windows.

This unit is best used on hard surfaces. Customers found this unit to be very powerful and durable. One customer commented that it is fun to use.


Top Canister Steam Cleaner to Buy

Steamfast SF-2751500 watts of cleaning power await you in this rolling unit. The Steamfast Canister Steam Cleaner (SF – 275) has a 48 ounce water tank to provide up to 45 minutes of steam cleaning. Seventeen accessories give you an arsenal for attacking any number of messes. Accessories include: brushes, a mop attachment, scrub pads, and cloth covers. The Steamfast has a one year limited warrantee.

A 12 foot power cord and lights built into the cleaner give you the info you need on operating the steam cleaner. One customer suggested using the unit to steam clothes. Another customer found it easy to set up and use, appreciated its many attachments, and found the price very agreeable.

Best Rated Steam Cleaner for Grout3If you like to live life with an environmentally friendly working philosophy, or you just have many people in the house to follow around (cleaning up their messes,) consider purchasing a steam cleaner.

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Harsh chemicals are not needed to unlock the power available to you with a steam cleaner, and there are different sizes and attachments available on these units that meet your needs.