What is the Best Steam Mop for Grout?

Steam Cleaners for Grout

Best Steam Mop for Grout2People love the look of tile flooring. While it used to be mostly in the kitchen,many homes today have tiled and hard flooring through the home.

The best steam mop for tile here

If you are one with beautiful flooring, like this ordinary sweeping and mopping is not enough. They cannot reach the deep down in among the crevices of tiles. You may mop everyday and still be seeing the grout between your tiles turning dark with dirt.

Best Steam Mop for Grout3What you will need to clean grout, as well as the tile, completely is a steam mop. If you look at the lines among your tile it appears to be dark. Traditionally, the color of grout which is the mortar in between tiles is originally white. If your grout is gray ,chances are very good that your actual tile is not as clean as it can be. This is glaringly clear if you move a piece of furniture after a long time. The floor underneath where it was will look shockingly better.

Best Steam Mop for Grout4Not all steam mops are the same even if they perform the same function. Some are basic and some have a lot of bells and whistles. You should consider two things at the very least before buying. First, the size of the floor. If you have a small floor you may not need more than the basic steam mop. Second consider the weight of the mop. Just like a vacuum cleaner they can be lightweight or heavy and in between. You will want something that you can lift or push easily and that depends on your physical ability when using your steam mop. Even after considering those two things there are still choices to be made as far as options and quality. Here are a few of the best rated steam mops to help you when deciding which kind you will want for your individual preferences.

Best Lightweight Steam Mop for Tile Floor

Shark S3501N Deluxe Steam Pocket MopThis mop – Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop S3501 boasts features like chemical free solution that sanitizes 99.9% successfully, a two sided steam system, and quick release mop heads. Users love these features and have shared other things they love too. Things like an extra large cord to reach everywhere in large rooms or how Shark Professional is lightweight compared to other bulkier brands.

If you want a steam mop that is easy to use and cleans quickly without using a lot of water then users definitely recommend this mop. Users also like how cleanup of the mop itself is easy with many of them saying they toss the mop pads into the washer after use.

Best Steam Mop for the Price

BISSELL Powerfresh 1940A favorite among users who give this mop almost 5 stars. This Bissell steam mop – Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop Blue 1940 has a variable digital steam control system. You can choose from three different speeds of steaming. Users like the flip down easy scrubber feature because it makes it so convenient and much easier to clean up ground in messes on grout and floor surfaces.

It sanitizes floors 99% successfully but users also love the optional scent discs for an extra clean fresh smelling boost. Changing water if needed is very easy and just a process of pulling out the handle and taking off the lid. Refill takes just seconds so this mop was rated highly for ease of use.

Best Microfiber Steam Mop to Buy

O-Cedar Microfiber Steam MopThis lightweight mop – O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop has a five star rating and weighs in at only five lbs. It is fast too, going from plug in to steam ready in only 20 seconds. Additionally,steam settings are adjustable and it is 99.9 % effective without chemicals.It has even been tested on the e.coli bacteria. Users point out how much they love the easy set up and that it comes with two mop heads.

That way, while one is in use the other can be washed. They also like how the O-Cedar mop not only cleans well on hard floors and grout but can also be used to steam lightly and freshen carpets. Another added plus according to users is the triangular shaped mop head. Cleaning in corners are a breeze with this mop.

Best Steam Mop for Pets

Bissell 1544A PowerFresh Lift-Off Pet Steam MopEveryone that has pets know the extra challenges that come in keeping floors clean with pets. Dirt, grime, pet foods and other messes can become trapped in the grout adding up over time to a dingy mess. Odors can also be trapped in grout as well. If you have pets, this high rated steam mop – Bissell 1544A PowerFresh Lift-Off Pet Steam Mop may be exactly what you need. It steams chemical free so your family and pets are safe. Users like the Bissell exclusive flip down scrubber for extra tough dirt. Yes that is not the main feature that happy users gush about.

They absolutely love that this mop has 13 specialized or detachable tools. You can clean your floors with one and use another to clean the grout on your walls or counter surfaces.It even does windows. Once you are done, your home will sparkle as well as smell wonderfully free from pet odors because this mop gets its power fresh label from the scented discs included.

Best Steam Mop for Grout5It used to be cleaning your grout meant hours on your hands and knees with buckets of chemical laden soapy water and a scrub brush. Even then the floor would not be as clean as you wanted.

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So you would have to do it again, and again. Now you can put an end to that tedious and painful work with a high rated steam mop. Your floors will be clean, look fantastic, and you will have time to do what you enjoy.