Top Rated Steam Mops for the Home

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Top Rated Steam MopsDo your floors tend to get overly dirty from pets, high traffic and more? If so, then you may want to consider investing in a steam mop.

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In this guide, we will review four top-rated steam mops so that you can find the one that will most closely meet your needs.

Best Steam Mop for Laminate Floors

BISSELL Powerfresh 1940The BISSELL Powerfresh 1940 may prove to be one of the top rated steam mops for several reasons. To begin with, there is an Easy Scrubber on the unit that can flip down and help you get into those crevices and tight places that standard vacuums and other floor cleaners tend to miss. You can also set the steam amount that comes out of this mop depending on the type of mess that you are cleaning.

There are special fragrance discs made for this steam mop that smell like a spring breeze, so you can fill the whole house with a nice smell as you clean. The water tank is easy to remove so you can fill it at the sink without making a mess all over the unit.

Real reviewers on say that they like how easily you can handle moving this mop all over the floor. Users also like the easy assembly and the fact that you can adjust the amount of steam that comes out of this mop.

Best Steam Mop on the Market

Hoover WH20200Anyone looking for the top rated steam mops may want to consider the Hoover WH20200. This mop is specifically designed to kill 99.9% of bacteria that may be present on your floors, and the two-tank system works allows you to use the steam by itself or the included Hoover disinfectant solution, depending on the type of job that you are doing.

The clean control dial on this unit allows you to adjust the amount of steam that comes out of the mop depending on whether you need to perform a light or heavy-duty cleaning task. The power indicator light turns on when the mop is powered on, and there are special different maneuvers that you can perform with this mop depending on the surface that you are cleaning and the type of work you are doing. reviewers say that they like the lightweight functionality associated with this device, as well as how easily you can put it together and store it whenever you need to.

Best Floor Cleaner with Pressurized Steam

Oreck Steam ItThe Oreck Steam-It can easily be considered one of the top rated steam mops because it allows you to steam your hard floors for approximately 40 minutes at a time. This device does not require any chemicals to make it run, and it works great on getting dirt and debris off your grout and tile. You only need tap water to produce steam with this mop, and you can even use it upside down without worrying about water spilling out.

There is a universal cleaning clip that comes along with this steam mop so that you can use a household towel in the process of cleaning your floors if you so choose. However, this clip is optional and is not required to be used if you don’t want it. You can adjust the steam settings as necessary to accommodate the different surfaces that you are working with, or as needed when you change the cleaning intensity.

According to popular reviews, users like the overall ease of use and high levels of durability associated with this particular steam mop. Users also like the fact that it does everything that a good steam mop should do.

Top Multi-Floor Steam Mop

SteamFast SF-142If you are searching for the top rated steam mops, you may want to consider the SteamFast SF-142. This unit offers continuous steam that you do not have to control manually with a trigger or pump in any way whatsoever. The microfiber pad picks up a lot of dirt and debris from your floors that other machines tend to leave behind, and the on/off switch is operated with your foot.

There is only natural steam that comes out of this mop, so you don’t have to worry about using any potentially harmful chemicals on your floors. The telescopic pole can be adjusted to accommodate your height so that you can use the mop more comfortably, and the integrated cord management system ensures that you will have a place to keep the cord without constantly running over it. Finally, there is an included carpet glider accessory so that you can steam your carpets as well if you so choose.

Users like the mop’s lightweight functionality as well as how easily this mop glides across the floor. Users also like how hot the steam on this unit is, as well as the adjustable handle on it.

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Have you been looking for the top rated steam mops on the market? If so, then one of the above four options may be the ideal choice for you.