What is the Best Steam Mop for Your Type of Floors?

Best Steam Cleaners

What is the Best Steam MopIf you are still scrubbing with a dirty old mop, or – worse – getting down on your hands and knees to get rid of that horrible stain on your floor by hand, it’s time for a wake up call. And that is by saying – try a steam mop!

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Steam mops are a great way to cut down on the hard labor and time it would otherwise take you to clean up your home, whether you need it for tile, linoleum, laminate, wood, or something else. Spend your time doing something you want to do, not something like cleaning the floors.

Best yet, most models even sanitize your floors for you without the use of toxic chemicals! So stop wasting time, and start cleaning smart with a steam mop from Amazon.com. Check out the models below and find the category that fits your needs the best, and you can’t go wrong.


Best Steam Mop for Tile and Grout

Best Brands: BISSELL, Eureka

Best Steam Mop for Tile and GroutTwo of the best names in vacuums bring you some of the best products for all your other floors as well. At under $150, you can get an excellent cleaning machine designed to make your life easier. These amazing steam mops cut your cleaning time down with not just their amazing steam cleaning power, but also their creature comforts, to make even the toughest of messes no match for whichever of these brands you buy.

Some models come not just with the power of steam, but multiple settings for even the toughest set in stains on your tile and grout. There are also those that come with attachments, like the Bissell’s easy scrubber brush on the front of the mop, that can be flipped up or down depending on whether or not you need it. Most models also come with easy filling removable water tanks.

Reviewers loved these brands because of their excellent cleaning abilities, that they were lightweight but built well enough to tackle even the toughest grout and tile problems. They also loved these mops for their easy assembly and use, and creature comforts like the scrub brushes that flip down, as well as the optional fragrance disc features on some models.


Best Steam Mop for Hardwood Floors

Best Brands: Eureka, Euroflex

Best Steam Mop for Hardwood FloorsThese mops are specifically designed for hard surfaces, such as hardwood, and they do the job just perfectly. With pressurized steam and multiple mounted jets, cleaning is a breeze with these models, and it won’t wreck your bank account.

Reviewers love these brands for their many creature comforts, their wonderful cleaning capabilities on hardwood floors, odor removal, and more. Creature comforts include things like parking pads for some models, making it easy for you to set your mop up and get it started without worrying about over soaking your floor or making a mess, multiple microfiber interchangeable pads for versatility when cleaning, and most even come with measuring cups for your water. Others include adjustable height handles, and more.


Best Steam Mop for Linoleum

Best Brands: Haan, Bissell

Best Steam Mop for LinoleumThese great brands come with multiple microfiber pads, resting mats, swivel heads for getting into even the toughest spaces, and lots more! Not to mention, reviewers who used these mops on linoleum wouldn’t recommend anything else – they loved them! Clean your linoleum floors without fear of scratching, using these models.

What features did reviewers of these brands and their models like the most? The swivel head was mentioned on multiple occasions for both brands, as reviewers were amazed by the amount of places they could get into with it. They loved how effectively the steam cleaned even the toughest dirt off of their linoleum floors without damaging them. Others said that these models heated up and were ready to use in a refreshingly short amount of time, making it even easier on them.

Reviewers loved these, and recommended them for people who otherwise hate mopping their kitchen floors!


Best Steam Mop for Laminate Floors

What is the Best Steam MopBest Brands: Bissell, Eureka, Haan

Been reading these names a lot? That’s because they know what they’re doing when it comes to hard flooring surfaces. These models are all lightweight and will all do wonders for your laminate floors, cleaning and leaving nothing but a nice looking floor behind.

Take the reviewer’s words for it! These mops are great for getting in any small, dirty crevices, as well as for big, old set in stains and problem areas alike. Reviewers were amazed by how easily these products could be put together and used, how powerful they are, and were absolutely thrilled with the look of their laminate flooring after using these brands on their homes.


Best Steam Mop with Vacuum

Best Brands: Hoover, Shark

Best Steam Mop with VacuumThese double-duty cleaners will wow and impress just about anyone. They tackle all kinds of floor types and surfaces, from carpet to hardwood, linoleum to tile, laminate, and more! Why buy multiple machines when you can get it all in one? Vacuum your carpet, then wash and dry your hardwood, tile, and linoleum floors with an easy flip of a switch or selector dial.

Reviewers loved and adored these products for their multitasking capabilities, awesome power both on hard surfaces and carpet alike, scrubbing capabilities, their superior attachments to help you get everywhere you need to with this machine (including long reach hoses and more), and lightweight designs! Overall, if you are looking for something to multitask in your home, you can’t go wrong with either of these brands.


Best Steam Mop with Attachments

Best Steam Mop with AttachmentsBest Brands: Gruene, Euroflex, Steamfast

Do you like your attachments when you’re cleaning? Need something to get into that odd corner, or up the tile accent on the wall in your bathroom? Just have a bunch of hard to get to places? Then check out these brands, because they have just the attachments to help you get the job done, no matter what.

Some models in this category come with detachable handheld capabilities for the main canister, some come with just extra wands and heads. The Gruene Clean System specifically comes with quite a few goodies, including the detachable handheld features, as well as multiple hoses and cleaning heads to tackle any job.

Reviewers loved these brands for their attachments, of course, but not just that. They loved how affordable they were, while still being able to do the job of a more expensive steamer. They adored the great sanitizing capabilities of these steam mops without the use of harsh and dangerous chemicals.

The attachments people commented most about for these models were their excellent parking pads, carpet glides, the squeegee attachments on some models, different brushes to add to hoses, and much more.


So there you have it – no matter what you need to clean, ditch the old mop, scrub brush, and bucket, and go for an easy to use steam mop. Cut your time in half, and check out all of these models and more on Amazon.com.

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