Kärcher SC5 Review, the Powerful Steamer

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Just a few manufacturers around the world are famous enough to get the name of their brand given to a product. This is the case with Kärcher.

As a proud member of the Kärcher familly, the Kärcher SC5 is a powerful tool for steam cleaning.
More powerful than the SC3 and SC4 the Kärcher SC5 is a serious advantage in your home cleaning strategy.
The Kärcher SC5 allows you to deep clean your hoods, hobs, skirting boards, windows, washbasins, floors, taps and tiles with the power of steam. The steam is directly headed toward the target, cleaning the dirt and other stains .

Kärcher SC5 Review

A powerful, steam tool that gets the job done. It may not be the cheapest, but it will for sur gets your hard surfaces sparkling clean. Perfect for medium and big homes and apartments.

Quick Facts

  • Weight: from 13 to 19 pounds with packaging
  • Rectangular cleaning head measures 12" by 7"
  • 20 ft. power cord

Build and Design

The first advantage of the Kärcher SC5 is its power and it's the result of a 2200 W steam heater. The steam comes from a 17-once fixed boiler and a 50-once removable and refillable tank. With a maximum pressure of 61 psi there are many options of use from a low and delicate pressure to a very powerful one or as powerful but with a concentrated pressure thanks to the Power nozzle set. The Power nozzle is only there for extreme cases. At the moment of using the device, there is this 7'6'' long steam hose, along with a 20 ft long cable, which means a quite wide area.

How to use

The standard and most commun use for floors, will be to use the EasyFix floor nozzle set and its microfiber clothe. Here there is a big advantage, no need to lean and to get in contact with the dirt to change the microfiber clothe, by just puting the foot at the right place and doing a pair of movements the microfiber clothe is changed.


  • Cleaning cloth detaches & is machine washable for re-use
  • Indicator light alerts you when it's time to change water
  • Swivel mop head reaches into tight spots & corners
  • Chemical-free clean that kills 99.9% of germs

Final Thoughts


  • Great for open, big surfaces 
  • Great clean quality
  • Only needs water; no chemicals


  • Expensive
  • Interesting accessories have to be bought separately

The facts that the Kärcher SC5 is quite loud and that it's one of the most expensive steam cleaner of the market could make you think that it's a quite high price to pay but its power and reliability make it worth.

What's in the box?

The Kärcher SC5 provides a quite complete arsenal of tools and features, including a carpet glider, power nozzle, small and large round brush, detail nozzle, hand nozzle and window wiper, as well as decalcifying powder sachets for descaling the machine.