Wagner 915, the Optimized Steamer

Steam Cleaners Reviews

Wagner is one of those german american success in the industrial or technologie field.

Wagner Spraytech usually proposes construction products and tools related to this subject, but after the acquisition of HomeRight, the company is now a little bit more house oriented.

And here we have a quite powerful steam cleaner which is a little bit cheaper than its competitors. 

The Wagner 915

With a reduced number of accessories, it's able to clean most of what you can expect from a steam cleaner. The accessories have been chosen wisely. And also in a wise way the cleaner uses the steam to get rid of all kind of stains and dirt.

Wagner 915 Review

An optimized steam cleaner. One of the cheapest, perhabs missing a couple of advanced functions, but totally reliable for indoor and outdoor. Recommended for homes and appartments.

Quick Facts

  • Weight: 13.8 pounds 
  • Warrenty: one yeear 
  • Package Dimensions: 19.7 x 15 x 12.8 inches

Build and Design

The Wagner 915 has a powerful steam heater, 1500 W, it's quite impressive at this price. The hot water can get up to 212°F. The boiler capacity is 48 onces. The runtime is up to 45 minutes. There are really no way to complain about this side of the device.

How to use

Before beginning cleaning, you have to plan less than 15 minutes for the steamer to be ready.

This is the time the water heater needs to get the water at the minimum temperature. During this process, both lights, green and red are on.

When only the green light is on, the water temperature has reached the 135°F, which means that the steam is there and the wagner 915 is ready to use.
With the trigger you really control the flow of the steam, from intermittently to continuously, the steam will be released the way you want.


  • Indoor and outdoor cleaning
  • Maneuverable and easy to use cleaner
  • Chemical-free clean

What's in the box?

The first element attached to the steam cleaner is this 8 foot long flexible steam hose. The hose can be extended with one or two extension tubes. There is the jet nozzle, which can be used with the nylon utility brush in most of the cases and with the brass utility brush where a strong action is required and there is no risk of damage. For the floor there is the floor-cleaning brush and its cloth. Also in the package a window squeegee, measuring cup, fill funnel and a steamplate to take wallpapers off.

Final Thoughts


  • Good quality cleaner
  • Great price
  • Only needs water; no chemicals


  • Some advanced functions could have been included

If you want to get the best price for a steam cleaner, that is reliable and has the basics, you just found it. And as you can see, the accessories wisely chosen make those basics covering a wide range of needs. For sure, if you want to go further than this optimized cleaner you will have to pay at least a little bit more.