Bissell Big Green Review, meet the monster

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The Bissell Big Green carpet cleaner is a deep-cleaning, professional grade machine with all the build quality you'd expect  from the Bissell name. Designed to be heavy on stains, gentle on your carpets, and painless to use.

The Big Green offers the deepest clean in the shortest time by cleaning on both the forward and backwards pass, so you cover twice as much ground while still getting deep into the fibers where stains and residual odors are hiding. High capacity tanks for both clean and dirty water save you even more time by letting you go longer between water changes. No more stopping every 5 minutes to run to the sink and switch out water!  

This is one of Bissell's flagship carpet cleaners, and for good reason. Its design makes it quick and easy to use​, while effortlessly pulling up stains that multiple cleanings with lesser cleaners leave behind.

​The bottom line is this :

You shouldn't be asking yourself "will the Big Green get rid of that stain/smell/sticky spot in my carpet?" But rather "Do my carpet problems require this much machine?" If money's no object, this carpet cleaner is as good as it gets. However, if you're on a budget you might want to check out our recommendations for best carpet cleaners on a budget.

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Bissell Big Green Review

The Bissell Big Green is a professional-quality carpet cleaner designed for heavy-duty dirt and stains. Its unparalleled cleaning ability is matched only by its price tag. That said, its price is literally the only downside to this cleaner. If your carpets have serious stains or odors and you need to cover ground fast - the Bissell Big Green is the carpet cleaner you've been waiting for.

Quick Facts

  • 20.5 x 11 x 42.2 inches
  • 55.4 lbs
  • 25-foot power cord 
  • Removes stains & odors 
  • Outperforms leading rental cleaners (based on color reflectance and brightness of fibers)

Build and Design

Weighing in at a whopping 55.4 pounds and 20.5 inches deep, 11 inches wide, and 42 inches tall, the Bissell Big Green isn't for the faint of heart. Its heavy-duty design ensures you get a heavy-duty clean, even on stains other cleaners leave behind. 

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The Big Green achieves this feat with the help of its rotating DirtLifter PowerBrushes. The PowerBrushes are contoured so that they ​scrub down to the root of your carpet fibers with the powerful cleaning solution. The Big Green also has two built-in motors ensuring a powerful scrubbing motion that loosens up any dirt and grime. The brushes are also designed to get a deep clean both forwards and backwards, allowing you to finish rooms in half the time!

While this carpet cleaner's measurements are a bit bulky, ​you'll find it's surprisingly agile and comfortable to use, even for long cleaning projects. The Bissell Big Green has an adjustable-height handle designed for maximum ergonomics and ease-of-use. And once you start cleaning, you'll find the weight of the machine rolls comfortably on the two large wheels at its base. 

How to use

Big Green Watter Tank being emptied

Getting started with the Big Green is as easy as 1-2-3!

First, you'll need to fill up the clean water tank and add cleaning solution.​ For an optimal deep-clean the Bissell Big Green requires you to use a small amount of cleaning solution in your clean water tank. Pour 1-2 capfuls of liquid in with your clean water and you're all set!

Next, adjust ​the ergonomic handle to sit at a comfortable height in front of you. Your hands should rest gently on the handle without straining your shoulders or upper back. This ensures longer cleaning projects don't put undue strain on your arms and back.

Lastly - plug it in and turn it on. It really is that simple!​ Once you're rolling, you can easily detach the long-reaching hose and use one of several attachments to clean stairs, or get behind difficult corners and other hard-to-reach places.


  • High capacity clean and dirty water tanks saves you from stop-and-go cleaning
  • Long, flexible hose with multiple attachments for uneven and hard-to-reach places
  • DirtLifter PowerBrushes for the deepest clean
  • Flow indicator lets you know at-a-glance when it's time to switch tanks
  • Removes the deepest stains and odors, leaving your carpets bright and fresh

Who is the Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner for ?

​The Bissell Big Green isn't your average cleaner for your average everyday needs; this is a hardcore machine for the toughest cleaning jobs. That's why many cleaning professionals and hotel chains choose the Big Green for their daily work. That said, its also great for large, active households with children or pets and a predisposition for attracting dirt.

What's in the box?

Out of the box, the Bissell Big Green is a fairly self-contained unit. Built into the unit are the bristled PowerBrushes, the two large tanks for clean and dirty water, the detachable hose, and a 25' power cord. 

In addition, the product comes with a free 24 oz of Bissell's special formula cleaning solution. ​ For an optimal clean, each load of clean water should contain between 1-2 oz of cleaning solution. This helps dissolve tough stains and absorb odors, while giving your carpet a lustrous shine. Plenty of cleaning solution is included, easily enough for 15-20 loads .

You'll also get a free upholstery cleaning attachment to use with the detachable hose. The attachment itself is great for uneven or smaller surfaces such as stairs, couches, chairs, or even vehicle interiors. ​The hose is quite long, giving you plenty of reach for those difficult areas.

Final Thoughts


  • Removes deepest, most difficult stains
  • Long detachable hose 
  • Two large water tanks
  • Removes deep, set-in odors


  • Hefty price tag
  • Somewhat bulky and heavy
  • Requires special cleaning solution

The Bissell Big Green carpet cleaner is truly a professional machine, from top to bottom. It has an unparalleled deep cleaning ability, but its price tag also precludes it from being a slam dunk recommendation for the average household. That said, if you have serious stains and odors and you need the absolute best, then the Bissell Big Green would be well worth the investment.