Hoover Max Extract Dual V All Terrain Review

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Admit it: cleaning carpets is about as fun as getting cavities filled. Between moving furniture, cleaning the floors, waiting for everything to dry, and then moving furniture back, you can easily spend an entire afternoon or longer! And when you're steam cleaning 2-3 times a year, those extra hours add up fast.

The Hoover MaxExtract Dual V is a great option for those who want to get in, get their floors clean, and get on with their lives. The unit itself is a little bulky, but the rotating scrubber brushes and powerful suction ensure you get a deep clean in as quickly as possible.

If you've cleaned large rooms before, you already know:

The biggest timewaster is having to wait several hours for your floors to dry before putting back furniture and safely walking on them again. One added benefit of the Hoover's powerful Dual V suction is that the vacuum really pulls excess water out of your carpet, which helps floors to fully dry in just 60-90 minutes. ​

Hoover MaxExtract Dual V Review

This is a great all-around carpet cleaner, great for medium-large homes that have to deal with a lot of dirt and dust. The MaxExtract handles most messes with ease, but lacks a bit of power when it comes to targeting deep set stains. All-in-all a great cleaning machine with several quality-of-life features and a useful attachment for upholstery and uneven surfaces.

Quick Facts

  • Weight: 27 pounds
  • Dimensions: 20" deep, 12" wide, 44" tall
  • 20 foot power cord
  • 8 foot attachment hose for upholstery & tight spaces
  • 12 amp motor with heated cleaning

Build and Design

The first thing you'll notice about the Hoover MaxExtract Dual V is: it's big. It's got a large rectangular base measuring 12" wide by 20" deep, and maintains most of that bulk all the way up the 44" of handle. That space is put to good use though: The MaxExtract has two large tanks for clean and dirty water, giving you a lot of mileage before needing to change water out.

Hoover Max Extract Dual V Brushes

In addition to the water tanks, the MaxExtract sticks true to its Hoover roots with a powerful vacuum unit​ that provides better suction than most comparable carpet cleaners. Then there's also the Dual V nozzle which splits the front suction into two equal V-shaped wedges, designed to ensure even suction across the entire width of the nozzle.

The last piece of the puzzle are the 5 rotating SpinScrub brushes that are also attached at the front of the nozzle. These plastic brushes spin against one-another to provide deep agitation that loosens up dirt and works out stains. The SpinScrub brushes also easily detach from the head of the carpet cleaner so you can wash them out in the sink after you're done cleaning. Some users have reported the plastic gear that powers the brushes can break, but due to this detachable nature it's a quick fix (once you have the replacement part).

How to use

The Max Extract Dual V from Face

​While the Hoover MaxExtract takes a couple of minutes to get started, it's pretty quick to work with once you get rolling. Since the MaxExtract doesn't have an onboard heating unit, the first step is to fill the clean water tank with hot water. The water doesn't need to be boiling hot for optimal results, but you do want it to be fairly hot. As such, Hoover recommends refilling the hot water every 15-20 minutes.

Once you're ready to go, the MaxExtract has two main settings: gentle scrub for your everyday dirt and grime, and power scrub for high traffic areas and problem stains, There's also a third spill pickup setting, which is pure suction without any agitation from the SpinScrub brushes. The spill pickup setting is also great for speed-drying your carpets after an initial deep cleaning.

​To prolong the life of your steam cleaner, be sure to thoroughly rinse the tank and SpinScrub brushes after each use. This prevents leftover detergent and grime from caking on and making your cleaner's internals brittle over time. 


  • Hoover DualV nozzle for edge-to-edge suction
  • Patented SpinScrub scrubbers loosen dirt
  • 3 variable settings: Spill pickup, gentle scrub, & power scrub
  • SpinScrub attachment for vertical surfaces and hard-to-reach places
  • Heats carpeting to provide a deeper clean

Who is the Hoover MaxExtract Dual V for?

​The Hoover MaxExtract Dual V is a great solution for larger households that need quick cleaning and quicker drying. It's also ideal for single-story homes since the unit can be quite heavy to move up stairs, especially when the water tanks are full. Great for families with pets and children: excels at pulling up dirt and pet dander, while allowing carpets to dry before an unsuspecting party walks all over them.

What's in the box?

The only assembly you need to do out-of-the-box is to attach the upper handle to the base of the unit. This can be done in minutes and the only tool you'll need is a basic Phillips-head screwdriver. Once you've attached the handle all you have to do is clip on the power cord hook, and you're ready to clean!

Like with most carpet cleaners, you'll also need some special cleaning solution for optimal results. The unit does come with a small bottle to get you started, but it's only enough for 2-3 rooms. You'll want to buy a bigger bottle or two before attempting any ambitious projects.

Lastly, this carpet cleaner comes with an attachable handle for cleaning upholstery or uneven surfaces. Great for chairs, couches, stairs, car interiors, or tight spots the main vacuum can't reach. The 8 foot long hose also makes sure you can easily reach whatever surface you need.

Final Thoughts


  • Powerful suction
  • Really fast drying
  • Tackles majority of dirst and stains with ease
  • Excellent hand brush attachment
  • 3 smart settings for variable use


  • No on-board water heater
  • Heavy & bulky with both water tanks full
  • Requires extra detergent for optimal clean

The Hoover MaxExtract is a great choice for bigger homes that need a little extra firepower to keep their carpets clean. It can be a bit bulky and heavy with full water tanks, but offers a quick, efficient clean once you get rolling. A great heavy-duty carpet cleaner with the powerful suction you'd expect from a Hoover.