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The Hoover MaxExtract 77 is a high quality, multi-surface carpet & hard floor cleaner. Made by a company that is arguably the best known in the vacuum cleaner world, this cleaner works for just about anything. It’s also one of the best carpet cleaners currently on the market, using scrub brushes, heated cleaning and pressurized water to improve the capabilities.

With a moderate price, less than $200, there are many benefits to this particular carpet cleaner, from the reasonable weight, just over 20 pounds, to the size, which is similar to that of a traditional vacuum cleaner. It does this by using a total of 77 different brushes scrubbing the carpet and 2 separate tanks for the dirty and clean water. It also ensures that the floors are drier when you’re done so you don’t have to spend as long waiting to get back to other things in your life.

You’ll be surprised at just what there really is to know about this carpet cleaner. But you can easily find out just what those things are. Read more of this Hoover MaxExtract 77 Review and you’ll learn more about just what you can expect if you decide to bring this cleaner home. You can even check out additional reviews right here and find out about other great carpet cleaners.

Hoover MaxExtract 77 Review

The Hoover MaxExtract 77 is a carpet and multi-surface cleaner that works by providing strong cleaning through pressurized water, deep cleaning brushes and heated cleaning. It really gets the floor clean a lot faster, even switching back and forth from hard surface floors to carpet or even the furniture. The only real downside to the whole thing was that it used a little more detergent than other cleaners. All-in-all it really is a great way to clean anything in the house.

Quick Facts

  • 23.8 x 16.2 x 26.8 inches
  • 22.5 pounds
  • ​Works on carpets, hard floors and upholstery
  • ​13 inch nozzle
  • Handheld cleaning device

Build and Design

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With some of the best technology that Hoover has to offer, the Hoover MaxExtract is designed to a high standard and it’s ready for you to clean anything. It doesn’t have any kind of sensors to detect the stains but it does make sure that any dirt and debris is picked up based on the settings that you decide on. The cleaner is designed for ease of use with both tanks easy to remove and the entire device simple to push.

How to use

The Hoover MaxExtract is a powerful cleaner that works easily to make sure that there’s no dirt left on your floor, whether it’s carpet or hard surfaces. All you need to do is fill the water tank with hot water and you’ll be nearly ready to start cleaning. Fill the detergent container making sure to use approved detergent.

Brushes of the Max Extract 77

Make sure that all caps are completely tightened and put all tanks into place in the cleaner. Move your furniture out of the way and put the cleaner on the furthest end of the carpet or flooring you intend to clean. Then release the trigger to spray solution and push the cleaner over the solution. Move back and forth with straight strokes and make sure that you keep the nozzle flat when you’re going in both directions.

Be sure not to saturate the floor entirely but make sure you remove as much water as possible from the floor as well. The scrubber can be adjusted to stronger levels as well to make sure that you’re getting any deep stains and there’s a spill pick-up feature to help get rid of wet spills.


  • Easy to fill water tank
  • CleanSurge to add additional detergent to stains
  • ​AutoRinse and SpinScrub features to remove dirt
  • SpinScrub offers 3 settings: Spill Pickup, Gentle Scrub, Power Scrub

Who is the MaxExtract 77 for ?

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like spending hours scrubbing floors you’re definitely going to love this cleaner.

If you continuously have dirty floors, whether carpet or hard surface, then this might be the cleaner for you.

If you really don’t want to spend your hours going over and over those dirty spots or attempting to keep the house clean after the rest of the family or your pets you’re going to want something that will make the job faster and easier. That’s definitely a reason you’ll like this because it makes the process a lot more efficient.

What's in the box ?

The Hoover MaxExtract is shipped in a single box that contains all of the pieces you’ll need in order to put it together. The cleaner itself must be put together and comes in a few different pieces. Outside of these pieces however, it also includes a dirty water tank, clean water tank, SpinScrub hand tool, squeegee and solution bottle.

When all assembled you’ll be able to start using the product immediately and you’ll be able to get everything together quite quickly. All it requires is a Phillips screwdriver and you’ll be well on your way to cleaning your own carpets and flooring.

Final Thoughts


  • Cleans heavy traffic areas
  • Easy to fill
  • Easy to transfer out the dirty water
  • Easy to use hand vacuum
  • Reasonably lightweight for movement


  • Uses extra detergent
  • Detergent and water tanks not fully sealed separate
  • Somewhat loud when using on hard floors

Overall this is a good representation of the Hoover brand. It’s a high quality cleaner that takes care of mild and extensive stains and spills on any type of flooring. It uses high quality scrubbers to make sure it gets out all of the dirt and it also has a moderate price at the same time. It’s definitely an excellent cleaner that you’re going to want in your house, no matter what kind of messes you have, because it’s going to pull it all out.