Best Rated Steamers for Cleaning by Price

Best Steam Cleaners

Steamers for Cleaning2When looking for a good steamer, there is a ton of variety and flexibility depending on the variables you are looking for.

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Price ranges incorporate multiple levels of customer satisfaction depending on the size of your cleanup. We’ll be looking at steam cleaners of multiple varieties based on price and complexity, only looking at products that are endorsed with good customer feedback.

Best Steamer For under $50

DBTech DB-8561Heavily purchased for its value and utility there is the DBTech DB-8561. It sells for around $30~ and is the most frequently ordered cheap solution to immediate versatile cleaning needs. It is convenient and small, allowing for multi-faceted cleaning projects and includes sanitizing systems and extensions to ensure you don’t need any additional tools to facilitate your cleanup.

The tank size is measured at 6 ounces and operates for 15 to 20 minutes, taking 3 minutes to heat up for use.

Consumers that ordered it were extremely satisfied with the product when using it for smaller projects, but found that with prolonged usage there were hindrances such as water drip and short run time. Users found the machine to heat up exponentially after extended usage making it too hot to use.

The cord also felt like it was too short without an extension for some users. Using hard water was also causing difficulties. Because of its comparatively quick heat up and filling time, it definitely facilitates shorter projects. If there is a bigger clean you need to perform however, you are better off spending more to get the value you need.

Best Steamer under $100

Wagner on Demand Power 915 Steam and CleanerThe Wagner on Demand Power 915 Steam and Cleaner is a step-up from the DBTech device, and offering itself additional utilities making it optimal for small to moderate jobs. It has a decently sized tank and a longer run time, allowing it to be used to maintain your home with greater efficiency. The tank size is 48 ounces and takes around 20 minutes to heat up to be ready for use.

Customers that used the device for moderate jobs had no complaints, getting what they needed from the steamer. When being used for more difficult jobs and build up, the steamer was lacking.

The run-time often wasn’t long enough if issues occurred and most commonly lasted around 2 minutes when there were problems. Follow-up cleaning was also necessitated, though people not bothered by this prospect were fulfilled for the price they paid.

Best Steamer for the Price

McColloch MC 1275 Heavy Duty Steam CleanerThough a larger expense, the McCulloch MC-1275 is a bigger machine that is effective for most household uses.

The steamer accommodates for most jobs with strong temperature, 1500 watts of power for pressure, removes heavy stains, has a tank for big jobs and can be used as a utility for your entire home. The tank size is measured at 50 ounces, with customers stating they can clean for 2-3 hours without hindrance.

Customers who purchased the McCulloch were extremely pleased, finding that the steamer was capable of cleaning anything they needed from organic build up to car grease.

However, for really big jobs they found that the device wasn’t able to take care of everything on its own. For really immense grease stains the product didn’t seem have enough pressure and temperature to handle it alone and it required a little more extra labor. For the cost some felt entitled to keep themselves hands free without needing to do any additional clean-up past the steaming for these heavy jobs, but were still very satisfied with performance.

Best Steamer under $200

McCulloch Deluxe MC 1385 Canister Steam SystemMcCulloch offers another device for heavy cleaning, the McCulloch Deluxe MC 1385 Canister Steam System. It delivers 58 psi of steaming pressure, a big tank (64 oz.) for very long jobs, and tons of accessories and attachments to ensure versatility.

It has a long cord and heats up quickly compared to other devices (12 minutes). The device is advertised to last for 120 minutes of continuous steaming.

Customers that used the device had a lot of positive reactions, a vast majority claiming the device was able to surpass their expectations for whatever job it performed.

However, some claimed that the product did not have the steaming pressure it advertised and under-performed on the toughest jobs. In some subjective cases the product broke after a couple of uses. While these circumstances seem minimal, it prevents this McCulloch offering from being the best for the money.Steamers for Cleaning3

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These steamers all provide at some level to sanitize and clean your home. For the smaller jobs, the DBTech and the Wagner provide customer satisfaction. Additional utilization is guaranteed from the Wagner model for a little more expense though.

For a device that will be utilized and provide for any of your household needs, McCulloch brands showed to be more impressive at handling tougher jobs for the higher price tag.