What are the Best Steam Mops on the Market?

Best Steam Cleaners

What are the Best Steam Mops on the MarketWhat are the best steam mops on the market? There are many great steam cleaners to select from and one of the best ways to figure out which machine would work best for you is to read the reviews written by consumers who have previously bought these machines.

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The following are among the best choices you can pick from as they provide you with multiple capabilities that makes using these simple and easy to get a lot of cleaning done in a short amount of time.

Best Steam Mop for the Money

Oreck Steam It All Purpose Steam WandThis item – Oreck Steam It all Purpose Steam Wand comes with a one year warranty at time of purchase. It has two washable microfiber pads and controls at the handle. It is lightweight at eight pounds and it can steam up within 30 seconds.

It has a dry heat included to dry up fast and it has a 16 foot long power cord. It comes with a funnel to easily add water to the water tank and it has two bonnets. There are six attachments and cleaning clips that are universal.

You get two towels that are made of microfiber and can be washed and reused multiple times. It cleans without the need of using chemicals. Consumers like how easy and efficient this unit runs.

Best Disinfectant Steam Mop

Euroflex Monster Steam Jet Two Floor Steam CleanerThis unit has a carpet glide and two microfiber pads to clean with. The Euroflex Monster Steam Jet Two Floor Steam Cleaner weighs about eight pounds and it has an all purpose cleaner. It has four steam levels depending on the level of dirt you are cleaning.

It can kill up to 99 percent of all germs and bacteria and it can be ready for use within three minutes. It comes with a three year limited warranty at time of purchase. There is a measuring cup and carpet sledge that comes with this cleaner along with a total of three pads, two for hard floors and one for carpets.

It cleans through the front jets of the cleaner and it operates on 1200 watts of power. Consumers like how fast it heats up and how it cleans well.

Best Small Handheld Steamer under $100

Haan AllPro HS 20R Steam CleanerThis item – Haan Handheld Steam HS 20R Cleaner comes with attachments including an extender nozzle and an angled nozzle. There is a wire scrub brush too. It comes with a one year limited warranty at time of purchase.

It weighs as little as three pounds and it has a 15 foot long power cord. It can heat up within three minutes and it uses tap water only to clean.

There are two pads to clean with and are washable and reusable. It has a full assortment of accessories and heats up to 212 degrees. It operates on 1800 watts of power and there is a continuous steam lock as an added feature.

It runs for up to 15 minutes and it is able to kill up to 99.9 percent of all germs, bacteria, and dust mites. Consumers like how long the cord it and how easy it is to use. They feel this is an awesome product.

Best Rated Portable Canister Steam System

McCulloch Deluxe MC 1385 Canister Steam SystemThis unit has an on demand variable steam control and it weighs about 13 pounds. The McCulloch Deluxe Canister MC 1385 Steam System can heat up within 12 minutes and it can run for up to 120 minutes with continuous steam. It has a 64 ounce water tank and has an integrated handle.

It doesn’t use any harsh chemicals for cleaning and it has a 10 foot long hose. It uses 58psi of pressure to blast away the dirt and it comes with several accessories and tools including a scrapper, squeegee, brushes and nozzles.

There are up to 23 accessories included and there is an integrated cord wrap on board the machine. Consumers like its quality and power of the machine. They like the attachments that come with it.

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All of these items are among the best steam mops on the market. They provide features that make it easier to use on carpets and hard floors.