Bissell Green Tea 1867-7 Review, hard floor mop

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Sometimes, all you need is a straightforward solution to your problem. You need a tool that quietly does its job, without all the bells and whistles. You need the Bissell Green Tea Steam Mop.

Why ? You may ask. Here is the answer :

The Bissell Green Tea 1867-7 ​is a simply designed, elegant steam mop that doesn't need any harsh or expensive cleaners to get you a great clean. Ideal for all your hard-surface flooring, this steam mop combines the best features of a standard deep cleaner and a traditional mop, resulting in a spotless clean that takes minutes, not hours.

That may sound like sales-ey mumbo jumbo, but consider this:

  • No more hauling buckets of water around
  • No more mess when changing dirty water
  • No need for expensive cleaning solutions
  • Lightweight, with flexible mop head to reach behind tricky corners

Use a high quality steam mop, and you'll never go back to traditional mopping again. In that vein, the Green Tea 1867-7 is a great all-around steam that won't break the bank. It's also versatile for use on all your hard sealed surfaces including tile, laminate, ceramic, stone, and sealed hardwood floors. 

Bissell Green Tea 1867-7 Review

This is a great basic steam mop, suitable for homes with ~500 sq ft or less of hard surfaces to clean. The steam cleaner itself does a great job on basic stains and sticky spots, however the lack of additional features means this model falls short of other slightly more expensive models on the market. Overall, a fantastic basic steam mop for smaller homes or apartments.

Quick Facts

  • Weight: 8.4 pounds
  • Measurements: 6" deep, 11" wide, and 45" tall
  • 18 ft. power cord
  • Single setting on/off controlled by trigger handle

Build and Design

The Bissell Green Tea​ gets your floors squeaky clean by loosening up dirt with the hot steam, and then mopping everything up with the microfiber pads. These pads are porous, yet soft and stretch over the head of the steam mop which allows for quick changes during cleaning. The pads are machine washable so you can reuse a single pad many times, however eventually you will need to outright replace them for optimal performance.

Bissell Green Tea Cleaning Wipes

The unit itself is fairly lightweight​ and easy to move with. Even though the mop head is just under a foot wide, you can cover a lot of ground quickly due to the lightweight nature of the Green Tea. Most stains and grime will come up with a single use, but tough oily stains and hard water spots may take a few passes to fully eradicate. 

​The mop head also swivels up to 360 degrees, which allows you to contour behind furniture and reach hard-to-get surfaces. This is great if your floor plan has lots of narrow nooks and crannies, but the lack of attachments means you're stuck to cleaning large, flat surfaces.

How to use

​Keeping on top of your regular house cleaning can be enough of a chore.​ Between doing the laundry, dishes, trash, and other routine cleaning, it can be difficult to find time to take care of your floors.

And, let's face it:

I​f taking time out of your schedule to steam clean feels as enjoyable as going to the dentist, well, you probably won't ever get around to steam cleaning. That said, setup and cleanup time are two areas where the Bissell Green Tea really shines. Simply top off the water tank with distilled water, plug it in, give it a minute or so to warm up, and you're off to the races! It's possible to steam clean 2 rooms and a hallway in ~15 minutes so you can get back to enjoying your life that much faster.

Bissell Green Tea In Action on Tile Floor

One downside of the Green Tea 1867-7 is that it only has a single setting: on or off. This isn't so much of a problem for cleaning, as the single setting is enough for 99% of the dirt you'll encounter. Rather, the steam is controlled​ by pressing a trigger on the handle, and only runs as long as you hold down the trigger. This makes this particular steam mop ill-suited for large scale projects and huge expanses of hard flooring, but you'll hardly notice it if you only need to clean a couple of rooms.


  • Flexible swivel-head lets you reach behind difficult corners and furniture
  • Detachable microfiber pads are easy to wash
  • Gentle, chemical-free clean
  • Eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria

Who is the Bissell Green Tea 1867-7 for?

The Bissell Green Tea is perfect for a small house or apartment with any kind of hardwood flooring. The design is great for quickly cleaning up to 2-3 rooms, but gets a bit cumbersome for bigger tasks. This steam mop is also a natural fit for light, regular cleaning as opposed to more targeted deep-cleaning needs.

What's in the box?

One perk of having less complicated parts is that it's a breeze to set up out of the box. There are only a couple of pieces: the mop itself, the handle, the water filter, a measuring cup, and two microfiber cleaning pads. Simply attach the handle, insert the filter, fill it up, slip on a cleaning pad, and you're good to go. From closed box to cleaning floors in under five minutes!

You'll also not what's not in the box:

Chemical cleaners of any kind. Not only does the Green Tea not need additional chemicals to get a sparkling clean, they can actually be harmful to your steam cleaner by weakening the internal tubes and seals. This chemical-free clean is ideal for homes with small children or delicate smooth surfaces. For best results, use only distilled water as tap water can leave behind minerals and salts that can also shorten the life of your steam cleaner.

Final Thoughts


  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Quick setup
  • Great for small homes and apartments
  • Microfiber pads easy to re-use
  • Doesn't require any special cleaner


  • Single trigger that must be held down to work
  • Not ideal for bigger homes (More than 3 rooms)
  • No special attachments for other surfaces

The Bissell Green Tea 1867-7 is a great entry-level steam mop perfect for homes that have 1-3 rooms with hard flooring. It's a solid everyday steam mop, designed to handle quick, regular cleaning. Admittedly, it is a little underpowered for cleaning large surface areas or heavy-grime projects, so you may want to browse higher performance mops if that's your need.

That said: if you're still using an old fashioned mop anywhere in your home, you owe it to yourself to see the difference a steam mop makes, and the Bissell Green Tea 1867-7 is a great place to start.