Hoover Twin Tank Steam Mop Review

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Hard sealed surfaces can be challenging to clean, especially when they are stained. The mopping process can be taxing depending on the cleaning equipment you have at your disposal.

However, the introduction of better cleaning machines has made it more simple. Floor steamers for instance are some of the best in offering an easy time with tile floor cleaning.

You only need to place them on stained surfaces for a few seconds and you have a spotless, gleaming floor in front of you. But, which are the best tile floor cleaning machines? We will see in this Hoover Twin Tank review what it is made of and what it's really worth.

Hoover has an excellent reputation in the steam moping world thanks to its good steam cleaners and steam mops. They have steam mops for every kind of floor and they certainly have a product that will suit your needs.

If you are looking for a good steam mop that will meet your needs and your budget, you can check our best steam mops article or simply check our other steam mop reviews.​

Hoover Twin Tank Overview

This is an excellent steam cleaner for hard floors in general. The inclusion of two tanks is really a plus and avoid lots of problems you generally find on other products in the same price range. It's priced fairly and comes with a full 1 year warranty.

Hoover Twin Tank Review

This floor steamer is designed to disinfect and eliminate over 995 strains of disease-causing bacteria. This steam mop is safe to use even in homes with pets and children since it is toxic-free and biodegradable. It has indicator lights which signal as soon as the machine is switched on and ready for use.

However, you need to wait at least 30 seconds to have the machine ready for use. The swivel triangle head makes cleaning corners and maneuvering during cleaning easy. It also has cleaning modes from light to heavy making it possible for you to customize the steam output during the cleaning.

This mop has twin tanks, one for water and another for the Hoover multi-purpose disinfectant solution. You have the choice to use steam alone or together with the solution when cleaning your tiled floor. The tanks can be removed making refilling easy.


  • Adjust pressure levels up to 150 psi and steam temperatures reaching 386°F.
  • Continuous refill option to minimize frequent interruptions during operations
  • Advanced filters can trap particles as small as three microns when equipped with anti-bacterial technology, The Hoover TwinTank Steam Mop can help keep interiors fresh and odor free as well as sanitized
  • Steam from the Mop penetrates hidden corners and inaccessible areas

Hoover Twin Tank Commercial Video

Benefits of using the Hoover TwinTank

  • Remove even the most stubborn floor stains and make them look as good as new. This is achieved through a strong spray of water steam that penetrates the dirt which is then sucked out by the machine's powerful suction mechanism
  • Environmental friendly. You can choose to use only water when you steam and leave the detergent tank empty. This way you choose whether you use chemical or not.
  • Using the Hoover TwinTank helps removing allergens with the heat from the steam, It does not only kills dust mites and bacterias, it also destroys their eggs, helping your home or office become more healthy.
  • The TwinTank Steam Mop has a special dry air feature with which hot air emanates while the dirty water is getting sucked up allowing your floors to dry out even faster.

Who Is the Product For?

The Hoover TwinTank Steam Mop is a cleaning machine that any individual can use. This is perfect for flat and houses. It's weight make it suitable for stairs and is perfect for small surfaces.

Who Should Not Get it?

If you have a big house or a big surface to clean, this mop might not be suitable for you. Instead, go for professional models that will handle huge areas without any problem.

How it works

Twin Tank Steam Mop Close Up

The TwinTank Steam Mop is a powerful steam mop that helps in keeping the concrete, tiled, and other kinds of hard surfaces clean and tidy. Despite its high-powered output, the mop is a simple and easy-to-operate machine.

This steam cleaner works by injecting a high temperature output onto the surface you want to clean. The output temperature can range up to 386°F, depending upon the mode you use. The higher the temperature, the more efficient is the machine. The ejection of the hot output results in melting and dissolving any kind of stain or dirt..

Twin tank trigger

Top grout steam cleaner models like the Twin Tank are equipped with attached vacuums. Such machines are easier to operate, as no additional manual effort is required to extract the dirt.

The Hoover TwinTank has temperature output to ensure that the surfaces dry up quickly. Quick drying has two advantages. First, it ensures that the surfaces are ready to use very quickly. This is highly significant, particularly in commercial buildings. Second, quick drying tends to keep dirt and impurities away for longer. Dirt has an affinity towards wet surfaces.

The Steam Mop can be set to apply a very low moisture steam vapor. It is great for killing molds, bacteria, and invisible pests like dust mites. Stains, odors, and allergens are all easily removed with the dry steam. Although not necessary every time, if you vacuum before and after steam cleaning you will get the cleanest, freshest smelling floor.

Final Thoughts


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to fill up
  • Two tanks
  • Price
  • Slim design


  • The trigger you have to continually press for it to work
  • Water tank hard to remove
  • Not suitable for large surfaces

The Hoover TwinTank Steam Mop can prove to be a really wise investment. It performs at the highest levels consistently. Its effectiveness in disinfecting the surfaces is what makes it one of the most popular steam mop. It is widely used to disinfect living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and other places. In order to clean all surfaces, this machine eject stream in a manner in order to reach the surface intended for cleaning. With the Hoover Twin Tank, your floors will be clean from both stains and bacteria.